The Female Designer Duo Friedmann & Versace Present Their First Furniture Collection “Constellation”

Venture through the "Constellation" Collection by Friedmann & Versace: a fusion of dreamlike design and exquisite French craftsmanship, where each piece narrates its own celestial story.
November 9, 2023
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The Female Designer Duo Friedmann & Versace Present Their First Furniture Collection "Constellation"
© Friedmann & Versace

Friedmann & Versace, the dynamic design duo, have woven the best of French craftsmanship into their inaugural furniture line. Their collection shimmers with the allure of a summer sky, inviting the eye to wander through the ornamental richness that reflects the vastness of a starry night.

Delphine Versace and Virginie Friedmann, the creators of this “Constellation” line, have cultivated a universe of their own. A realm where their imaginative spirit intersects with the legacy of iconic designers and the allure of Palladian architecture. Their approach, a blend of fine art acumen and astute legal understanding, creates a narrative that transcends conventional design.

The pieces in the “Constellation” collection are a testament to that story. Take the mahogany sofa and armchair, for example. They are not just furniture, but a canvas on which the signs of the zodiac dance amidst the luxurious textures of Dedar fabrics. The collaboration with artisans such as Henryot & Cie gives each piece a heavenly touch, making them unique to Friedmann & Versace’s vision.

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Their coffee table, a triad of craftsmanship with Olivier Juteau, Eric Lopes de Sousa and references to the work of Diego Giacometti, is a symbol of collaboration. It is in these partnerships that the duo’s identity shines brightest, such as their blown glass mirror, a collaboration with Ateliers Reverchon, which reflects not only images, but the essence of reality itself.

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Their blown glass mirror, crafted with finesse by Ateliers Reverchon, is adorned with upcycled embroidery in collaboration with Baqué Molinie, challenging our perceptions of what is real and what is an illusion. It is this daring to redefine boundaries that sets Friedmann & Versace apart.

The narrative of the collection extends to the canvas inlaid with wood, each color chosen by Anton Laborde, creating a landscape that invites contemplation. Vases and candlesticks blur the lines between the heritage of earthenware and the aesthetics of Raku, thanks to the mastery of ceramist Sonja de Monchy.

Friedmann & Versace’s philosophy is rooted in a deep respect for place and authentic professional relationships. From the wood of Liffol to the glass of the Yvelines, they build an ecosystem of creativity that is always expanding, never static. Their “Constellation” collection is the culmination of these efforts, a septet of pieces that promises to grow with time.

The “Constellation” Collection, consisting of seven initial pieces, is only the beginning of Friedmann & Versace’s design odyssey. Their passion and dedication to their craft suggests that this collection, much like the universe, will expand with endless possibilities. For those with a keen eye for design and an appreciation for craftsmanship, the Friedmann & Versace “Constellation” collection is a source of inspiration and wonder, a true reflection of design skill and imaginative exploration.

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