FENDI Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, An Ode to Craftsmanship and Industrial Chic

June 17, 2023
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Fendi - Spring-Summer 2024 - Pitti Uomo
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There’s a striking element of contrast at play as you make your way into FENDI‘s production epicenter located in the tranquil countryside of Capannuccia, a picturesque spot on the outskirts of Florence. Encased within the serene Tuscan greenery, FENDI’s high-tech production facility is a beacon of modernity and innovation, where the artistry of fashion finds harmony with the precision of science. Welcome to the revealing world of the FENDI Spring/Summer 2024 Collection – a tale of artisanal prowess, industrial chic, and a homage to the handwork that lies at the core of the luxury brand.

As we journey through the glass-paneled factory rooms, you’ll find craftsmen engrossed in the creation of iconic FENDI pieces, such as the laser-cut patterns of a Peekaboo bag or the assembly of the newest Tiffany x FENDI Baguette. These artisans, merging the traditional with the modern, set the stage for Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand’s artistic director of menswear and accessories, as she takes her final bow on the catwalk.

In a pre-show interview, Venturini Fendi articulated her aspiration to honor FENDI’s artisanship in the 2024 Spring/Summer Collection. Scattered throughout the establishment, “Made in FENDI” branded boxes encapsulate not only the wit inherent in FENDI’s branding but also symbolize their unyielding commitment to the craft.

The collection itself draws inspiration from the factory setting, with a line-up that seems to embody the essence of “cool and chic factory boys.” Elements of utilitarian fashion have been beautifully reinvented – distressed denim pieces, pocketed workwear jackets made from robust cotton canvas, and elongated striped shirts layered beneath pocketed pinafores. These pinafores, intriguingly cut as short as miniskirts, bring a playful, modern edge to the collection.


Venturini Fendi adds a surprising touch of sensuality with her take on the apron silhouette, transforming it into halterneck shirts. “There is a sense of great freedom [in menswear], which is amazing. I think that has been one of the most interesting things that happened in the past decade,” she muses.

Subtle yet impressive tailoring underscores the collection’s youthful spirit. Drop-shouldered blazers and fluid pants are tailored with precision and ease, catering to the needs of the workwear-loving generation.

Accessorization is key to this collection with each ensemble grounded by sleek patent leather clogs featuring rubberized soles. Bags, of course, make a prominent appearance – from Peekaboo designs to innovative creations in collaboration with architect Kengo Kuma, crafted from waranshi paper by a Japanese artisan.

Venturini Fendi’s workwear-inspired vision captures the essence of the modern artisan in all their chic glory, as she navigates the delicate balance between preserving traditional craftsmanship and embracing the demands of a contemporary fashion landscape. The FENDI Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is, at its core, a celebration of the brand’s commitment to the craft, its inventive spirit, and the compelling allure of its Italian heritage.

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