Études Captures the Enigmatic Allure of Paris in Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

June 23, 2023
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Études - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men's
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Drenching the fashion realm in an immersive narrative of Parisian aesthetics, the dynamic trio behind Études unveils a poetic yet realistic observation of metropolitan style with their Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

As one delves into the labyrinthine alleys of Paris, one can’t help but admire the authentic elegance that Aurelien Arbet, Jeremy Egry, and José Lamali embody in their latest fashion triumph. With an aura brimming with the charm of the ’90s and the utilitarian tone of the city, the trio takes us on a sartorial journey through the hidden rooftops of Paris, narrating a story where life’s simplicity meets the quintessential appeal of urban dressing.

An intimate look at the collection showcases the trio’s masterful grasp of the fashion. Drawing inspiration from the city’s nuanced elegance and blending it with the familiar nostalgia of the ‘90s, the Spring/Summer 2024 line combines functionality with effortless style.

The show, appropriately dubbed “Crépuscule” (or “Twilight”), beautifully reflects the transitional period between daytime bustle and the onset of the vibrant Parisian nightlife. Egry explained, “We believe that a roof is an interesting spot that you can access only if you have the tips to get there, especially in Paris.” This unique rooftop setting—on the top floor of a parking space nestled in the shadows of Montmartre—served as an uncanny symbol of the collection’s essence: accessible, yet requiring the insider’s knowledge to truly understand.


This offering provides a sartorial tour through Paris’s byways, from the peripheral ring road to its heart, adopting the ’90s aesthetic and workwear-inspired ethos that Études has come to embody. The collection includes utilitarian pieces such as boilersuits, tracksuits, jackets, and vests. In a delightful play on colors, it veers from the subtle—labeled as “pigeon gray,” a nod to the delicate plumage of the city’s omnipresent birds—to the more audacious darker shades punctuated with bursts of high-visibility orange.

The collection further integrates elements of local culture, featuring sketches by French artist Julien Farade. The designs teem with lively doodles of chimneys, pigeons, and roofs, the surface treatments lending a street art ambiance to the garments, enhancing their lived-in, party-tested look.

Yet, the absolute strength of the Études Spring/Summer 2024 collection lies in its tailoring. Where the trio’s workwear-inspired designs shine brightest, they add a sharp edge to the typically looser sportswear, effectively elevating the whole collection from a murmur to an eloquent testament of the trio’s sartorial skill and their affinity for Paris’s authentic elegance.

Indeed, Études’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection is an homage to the elegance of living in the moment—an exploration of the quintessentially Parisian art of dressing, all viewed from the seldom-seen rooftops of the city they hold dear.

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