ETRO Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Marries Tradition with Youthful Audacity

June 20, 2023
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Etro - Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men's
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The artful fusion of past and present takes center stage in the ETRO Spring/Summer 2024 collection, masterfully curated by Marco De Vincenzo. Notably his second menswear collection for the brand, De Vincenzo breathes a vibrant breath of youthful vitality into the classic bohemian charm of ETRO. The designer meticulously crafts a unique language, embodying a bold yet simplified spirit that resonates with the independent, dynamic individuals of the present age.

Diving deeper into this stunning collection, the first impression is its tangible youthful energy. With an eye for contemporary appeal, De Vincenzo turns his focus to the younger demographic, offering them an array of clothing that empowers their sense of self-expression. From skaters to surfers, from the flamboyant to the demure, everyone finds an echo of their identity in the assortment.

Aptly preserving the ethereal romance of ETRO’s legacy, De Vincenzo injects a pragmatic twist into it. Fluid, billowy silhouettes give way to more body-conscious, elongated shapes, and a simplified approach to layering comes to the fore. The intricate, delicate prints of yesteryears make room for clean, sharp graphics, marking the collection with De Vincenzo’s definitive imprint.

At the heart of this collection lies the textile legacy of ETRO. De Vincenzo, smartly leveraging this heritage, weaves in geometric patterns to create bold statement pieces: studded collars on coats, subtle details on plain leather bomber jackets, and glittering bowling shirts. Less complex patterns craft optical illusions on jumpsuits, Bermuda shorts, and wide pants – the key silhouette of this season. Floral embroideries on lightweight pajama sets offer a soft, nostalgic nod to the past.


As a creative contrast to the collection’s overall breeziness, De Vincenzo ventures into tactile fashion with fuzzy striped tank tops and oversized sweaters in striking tangerine and Tiffany blue hues. A grand finale of chunky, carpet-like cardigans and capes punctuate the show, the tasseled models effortlessly embodying the ETRO ethos of masterful craftsmanship and unrestrained freedom.

Infusing a touch of sports culture, soccer-inspired jerseys and a tattoo-like top bear images associated with the season’s allegorical narrative. De Vincenzo draws inspiration from a 17th-century book by Cesare Ripa, teeming with allegorical imagery. The digital age’s non-verbal communicators, memes, and GIFs find an unexpected companion in these age-old illustrations. Beautifully incorporated into the collection are depictions of Beauty, Eternity, and Lust, but the standout symbol is a woman wrapped in ivy, representing Tenacity. De Vincenzo remarks, “It’s among the main virtues to have in fashion today.”

This collection signifies a masterful merging of tradition and youthful dynamism, encapsulating the evolving spirit of fashion itself. ETRO Spring/Summer 2024 collection, under De Vincenzo’s careful orchestration, truly stands as a testament to the audacity and tenacity of the new generation.

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