Elevate Your Game with the New PUMA KING Pursuit

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PUMA KING Pursuit, the ultimate football boot designed for players who strive for greatness on the field.

With innovative features and a commitment to sustainability, the PUMA KING Pursuit is perfect for those who refuse to settle for second best.

As the season’s finale approaches, every move can make the difference between victory and defeat. Recognizing the importance of this critical period, PUMA has unveiled the PUMA KING Pursuit, a bold and innovative football boot designed to help players stand out and push through anything, leaving their opponents in the dust.

The PUMA KING Pursuit boasts an exclusive new upper material called K-BETTER, which is not only non-animal based but also incorporates at least 20% recycled content. This groundbreaking material is a testament to PUMA’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future. K-BETTER has been tested and found to surpass traditional K-Leather in terms of touch, comfort, and durability. PUMA is so confident in K-BETTER’s performance that the company plans to phase out the use of kangaroo leather in its football boots this year.

In addition to its revolutionary upper, the PUMA KING Pursuit features a lightweight outsole with an external heel counter, a KING stability spine, and conical studs, all designed to provide players with maximum control over their movements and the ball. This state-of-the-art boot also includes a removable, lightweight sockliner equipped with NanoGrip technology, ensuring that the foot remains securely in place, minimizing power loss during sudden changes in direction.

The PUMA KING Pursuit is more than just a stylish, high-performance football boot; it represents a commitment to the future of the sport and the environment. With its innovative K-BETTER material, advanced performance features, and bold colorway, the PUMA KING Pursuit is the perfect choice for players who demand the best and are determined to chase glory on the field.

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Don’t miss your chance to elevate your game with the PUMA KING Pursuit edition, available now at PUMA.com, PUMA stores, and specialist football retailers worldwide.

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