The Eco-Progressive Twist on the Converse Chuck 70 by Converse and A-COLD-WALL*

July 7, 2023
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Converse Chuck 70 x A-COLD-WALL*
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Craftsmanship meets sustainability, courtesy of the trailblazing Converse and A-COLD-WALL* partnership. With the Converse Chuck 70 taking center stage, this collaboration redefines urban style through an innovative fusion of aesthetics and ethical values.

From the pulsating hub of London Fashion Week 2019 emerged an iconic collaboration between Converse and A-COLD-WALL* that continues to challenge conventional fashion narratives. With the founder of ACW, Samuel Ross, at the helm, the ongoing partnership successfully embeds A-COLD-WALL’s idiosyncratic aesthetic into Converse’s hallmark principles – comfort, durability, and functionality.

The latest in this dynamic series, the Converse Chuck 70, is an epitome of Samuel Ross’s conceptual vision, steeped in craftsmanship and functionality. This assemblage is more than just a collection – it is an exquisitely curated ‘uniform,’ ingeniously designed to save precious time spent on outfit selection, and instead, channel it towards the act of creation.

Multi-instrumentalist maestro Takuya Nakamura, the ambassador for this collection, resonates with the ethical ethos embodied by Converse and A-COLD-WALL*. Known for his avant-garde approach to music, Nakamura harmonizes with the aesthetics of this collection. “Breaking the rules of art, his genre-bending techniques echo our philosophy of subverting street style norms,” comments Ross.

In a daring reinterpretation of street style, the limited edition Converse Chuck 70 Ox, incorporates waxed canvas, translucent and layered details, and sports a worn effect that harks back to the vintage spirit of classic Chucks. The vintage license plate – a quintessential Converse element – is seamlessly incorporated into this cutting-edge design, available in Oceana and green.


Complementing the footwear is a clothing capsule featuring a navy vest, a long-sleeved dark green polo shirt, navy and stone blue t-shirts and shorts. The geometrically designed, contemporary backpack, fortified with waterproof zippers and reflective prints, rounds off this ensemble.

Converse Chuck 70 x A-COLD-WALL*
Converse Chuck 70 x A-COLD-WALL*

The Converse Chuck 70 and accompanying clothing capsule, imbued with the eclectic style of A-COLD-WALL* and Converse’s commitment to comfort and sustainability, will be launched at A-COLD-WALL* on July 6th and subsequently available on and selected retailers from July 11th.

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