Easter 2023 enchantment: unveiling Le Lutetia Paris’ treasure egg – A chocolate masterpiece

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Easter 2023 - Lutetia Paris Nicolas Guercio Treasure Egg

Easter is a time of celebration and indulgence, and the Executive Pastry Chef of Le Lutetia Paris, Nicolas Guercio, has created a true masterpiece to mark the Easter 2023. The Œuf Trésor (Treasure Egg) is a delicate confection that combines the magic of childhood with the decadence of chocolate.

The egg, shaped like a puzzle, holds a copper ship at its core, waiting to be discovered like a treasure. This ship has been a symbol of Le Lutetia since the establishment opened its doors in 1910, and it is represented here in a stunning copper version, mounted on a base of marbled white and black chocolate.

The eggshell is crafted from Valrhona 64% dark chocolate and, once opened, reveals a crunchy and delicious filling of crushed hazelnuts, seasoned with fleur de sel. A thin layer of soft hazelnut and Provence almond praline provides the perfect balance of sweetness and indulgence, accentuated by the rich flavor of the dark chocolate.

The copper Le Lutetia ship, at the heart of the egg, holds a final surprise: a dark chocolate filled with a pecan praline that is sure to delight the taste buds. This ship is a historical symbol of both Le Lutetia and the city of Paris, appearing on the mosaics of the interior patios, the ironwork of the main gallery, and even on the tiles in front of the iconic revolving door entrance on Boulevard Raspail.

Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Guercio has created this unique and handmade chocolate creation, entirely within the chocolate shop at Le Lutetia, as a tribute to this iconic symbol. Whether young or old, gourmands will be amazed by the Œuf Trésor, a true work of art that perfectly captures the spirit of Easter.

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Easter 2023 - Lutetia Paris Nicolas Guercio Treasure Egg
Easter 2023 - Lutetia Paris Nicolas Guercio Treasure Egg
Easter 2023 - Lutetia Paris Nicolas Guercio Treasure Egg

Œuf Trésor (Treasure Egg) – Limited edition
90 euros
By reservation only, at least 48 hours in advance
Pre-sales from March 15, 2023 on La Boutique Lutetia – laboutique.hotellutetia.com
Order pick-up from April 1 to 10, 2023 at Lutetia Paris – 45, boulevard Raspail – 75006 Paris

© Photos : Laurent Fau

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