DIOR’s New B57 Sneaker Bridges Retro, Luxury and Versatility

DIOR unveils the B57 Sneaker, blending luxury and versatility. Artistic Director Kim Jones heralds the design, an evolution from the iconic B27 and B30, offering elegance and innovation in each pair.
October 3, 2023
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DIOR’s New B57 Sneaker Bridges Retro, Luxury and Versatility
© Photo: DIOR
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DIOR’s stature in the world of luxury fashion ascends new heights as they unveil the B57 Sneaker, scheduled for pre-launch online on October 10 and in stores on October 19, a shoe that promises not just unparalleled style but the epitome of versatility.

Kim Jones, the artistic director of men’s collections at DIOR, is unequivocal about the impact and essential nature of the B57. “A hallmark of the spring 2024 collection,” Jones boasts. His excitement is palpable as he shares the innovative journey they embarked on to redefine the DIOR signature with shades of relief and the iconic DIOR Oblique. It is a creation born from artistry and precision, narrating a tale of elegance in every step.

With a nod to the past yet a gaze firmly set on the future, the B57 sneaker are a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed B27 style and integrating the distinct CD initials introduced with the sporty B30 design, DIOR’s latest offering is a luxurious aventure between history and contemporaneity.

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The sartorial masterpiece features CD initials gracefully resting on its side, wrapped in the prestigious DIOR Oblique jacquard fabric or luxuriously adorned in two-tone leather. Choices of gray, black, red, beige, and cream offer a rich palette for the discerning gentleman. At 1,100 euros a pair, the B57 is not just a purchase but an investment in a legacy of elegance.

The sneaker landscape witnessed a seismic shift following DIOR’s triumphant collaboration with Air Jordan in 2019. A staggering 5 million enthusiasts vied for the golden ticket – a chance to own one of the 13,000 pairs of the Air Jordan 1 OG DIOR limited-edition sneakers. It wasn’t just a launch; it marked DIOR’s coronation as a titan in the sneaker universe.

Past the mesmerizing allure of the B27 and B30 styles, the unveiling of the B33 last July set a new precedent. With an NFC chip discreetly embedded in one of the soles, owners are not just purchasing sneakers but are initiated into an exclusive world of authenticity and innovation. The digital platform and certificate of authenticity underscore DIOR’s commitment to originality, a beacon of trust in a world of replicas.

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