Diesel x Durex, A Bold Fashion Collaboration Promoting Sex Positivity

April 19, 2023
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Diesel x Durex
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Diesel x Durex capsule collection, a groundbreaking collaboration between two iconic brands, fostering an inclusive environment and championing sex positivity as a fundamental human right.

The Diesel x Durex capsule collection made its debut during Glenn Martens’ FW23 Diesel runway show, where an astonishing 200,000 Durex condom boxes cascaded down, symbolizing a celebration of democracy, choice, and individual freedom. This highly anticipated collaboration marks the first time Durex, a leading brand in the intimate health industry, ventures into the fashion sphere with a dedicated collection.

Diesel x Durex

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At the core of the Diesel x Durex collection is the cleverly crafted slogan “For Sucsexful Living,” a witty twist on Diesel’s brand mantra, “For Successful Living.” This play on words encapsulates the core values shared by both brands, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s true sexual self and fostering an environment of sex positivity.

The capsule collection features a range of unique pieces, including a grey mélange T-shirt and hoodie, both adorned with a new logo that seamlessly merges the iconic Diesel big D and Durex logos. Additionally, the phrase “For Sucsexful Living” is prominently displayed on the back of the T-shirt and the hoodie. The collection also includes a pair of light wash denim jeans with “For Sucsexful Living” printed in bold red font down the leg, and the combined logo on the back pocket. Completing the collection is a special edition baseball cap crafted from cotton denim in a light blue hue.

Diesel x Durex

To further amplify Diesel’s message of sex positivity and the Durex core value of embracing one’s true sexual self, 300,000 Diesel x Durex co-branded condom boxes will be given away for free at Diesel stores worldwide. This bold initiative is designed to encourage open conversation around sexual health and promote a more inclusive environment.

Priced between 75 and 225 Euro, the Diesel x Durex capsule collection will be available at select Diesel stores and on Diesel.com, offering a unique blend of fashion and social awareness that is sure to make a lasting impact.

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