Diesel "Vert" Watches Merge Classic Elegance and Digital Innovation

Diesel Unveils its “Vert” Collection of Physumeric Watches, Combining Classic Elegance and Digital Innovation

October 5, 2023
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When Diesel unveiled the “Vert” collection, a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and digital innovation was introduced to the world of timepieces, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of watches. Developed in collaboration with Fossil Group and forming a key component of Diesel’s groundbreaking “Metamorph” project, “Vert” watches are more than mere instruments of time – they are emblems of style and gateways to an immersive digital journey.

In the insightful words of Diesel’s Creative Director, Glenn Martens, “Vert is my first watch from this collection. It embodies the brand by asserting that Diesel is for everyone.” The conceptual essence of “Vert” is rooted in organic metamorphosis, evoking imagery of intricate bone structures and ambiguous origins – a seamless integration of the tangible and the intangible, the known and the mysterious.

With five distinct models, including special limited editions, “Vertwatches cater to diverse tastes while embodying a consistent ethos of innovative design. They are artistic creations and functional timepieces, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the modern aficionado in mind. The aesthetics, while reminiscent of avant-garde sensibilities, exude an air of classic elegance, cementing their status as contemporary icons.

Diesel "Vert" Watches Merge Classic Elegance and Digital Innovation

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The immersive experience accompanying these iconic watches is nothing short of revolutionary. “Vert” cardholders are extended an exclusive invitation to the “Metamorph” game – a surreal, multi-layered journey crafted by the talented hands at Artificial Rome. Within this unique digital realm, participants navigate a world influenced by “Vert“’s distinct design elements, engaging in a series of challenges to reactivate time in a fictional land where it has stood still.

Martens reflected on this intersection of realities, stating, “The metamorphosis of the vertebrae is based on something organic. It could resemble a bone structure. Does it come from the Metaverse? Is it an alien? Is it human? The way we designed Metamorph is connected to the new generation. It’s virtual reality. It’s a sexy watch.” The experience culminates in an exclusive virtual concert, adding a melodic touch to the visual and interactive feast.

Diesel "Vert" Watches Merge Classic Elegance and Digital Innovation

The intrigue doesn’t end there – ownership of a “Vert” watch bestows the bearer with a unique NFT, evolving in stages and offering enhanced gaming abilities, personalized features, and monetization options. This fusion of the tactile and digital worlds, the intersection of the timeless allure of watches and the dynamic realm of virtual reality, positions Diesel’s “Vert” collection as a pioneering force in the contemporary timepiece landscape.

Diesel "Vert" Watches Merge Classic Elegance and Digital Innovation

Program for the “Metamorph” campaign and the launch of “Vert

  • Limited release of 300 NFTs developed by composer Sejan Jansen and Artificial Rome, including preemption for the purchase of an additional exclusive Vert limited edition watch of 300 units (September 12).
  • Campaign launches, including the website, emails, social media (starting October 3).
  • Amplified display in over 30 cities worldwide (starting October 3).
  • A:VERT:AR (avatar) evolution begins for Vert buyers who have registered their unique NFT code (October 18).
  • The immersive online Metamorph experience is launched for Vert holders – with access to the avatar – and all Diesel fans (from November 2 at 4 pm CET to November 17 at 9 am CET).
  • Metamorph culminates with an exclusive virtual concert by Lil’ Dre as users complete the experience.
  • Interactive installation in select Diesel stores worldwide – including in Paris, New York, Barcelona, Las Vegas, and Tokyo – where Vert holders can interact with their avatar and players (starting November 2).

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