De Bethune’s DW5 Seeking Perfect Meets Only Watch 2023: A Cosmic Affair

August 27, 2023
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De Bethune's DW5 Seeking Perfect Meets Only Watch 2023: A Cosmic Affair
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Only Watch 2023 unfolds a cosmic narrative this year, offering an unparalleled celestial experience through De Bethune‘s unique masterpiece, DW5 Seeking Perfect. A magnum opus, this timepiece is emblematic of the harmonious confluence of astronomical wonder and Earth’s ancient metallurgical craft.

The dial of the DW5 Seeking Perfect, fashioned from polished blued meteorite, is a timeless relic. Its existence and form, shaped by the vast expanse of the universe, resonate with a deep sense of wonder. And to complement this heavenly marvel, a spherical moon made of the same ferrous meteorite graces the dial. It promises an accuracy spanning over a millennium, deviating by a single lunar day only after 1,112 years.

What binds this watch to our terrestrial home is its extraordinary case. Denis Flageollet’s passion and dedication shine through his pursuit of rekindling ancient metallurgical traditions. His venture began at L’Auberson, where iron ore was collected, processed, and given life. After a meticulous roasting, crushing, and reduction through charcoal heat, the metal was forged to resemble the desired shape. This laborious endeavour, spanning weeks and underpinned by months of research, resulted in a case made from Damascus iron and steel – a tangible testimony to Flageollet’s unwavering commitment.

De Bethune's DW5 Seeking Perfect Meets Only Watch 2023: A Cosmic Affair

But the marvels don’t end there. Flip the watch, and you’re greeted by a sight that is sure to leave aficionados in awe. A specially designed tourbillon movement rests at its heart. This De Bethune tourbillon, an ultra-light blend of silicon and titanium, beats at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. Coupled with the house’s iconic innovations such as the titanium balance wheel with white gold inserts and the De Bethune balance-spring, it not only promises precision but is a testament to the brand’s relentless innovation.


Adding to the allure is an alligator leather bracelet that caresses the wrist, with its suppleness accentuated by an alligator lining. And for a touch of elegance, the polished grade 5 titanium pin buckle complements the piece.

While the technical prowess of this piece is undeniable, what truly sets it apart is its narrative charm. The blued meteorite dial, hand-forged case, and the sapphire cabochon on the crown collectively narrate a tale of cosmic wonder and human craftsmanship. Moreover, the QR code engraved at the back serves as a gateway to exclusive insights for its future owner.

De Bethune's DW5 Seeking Perfect Meets Only Watch 2023: A Cosmic Affair

Manufacture De Bethune, since its inception in 2002, has been an epitome of innovation and artistic expression. With over 30 unique calibres, numerous world-firsts, and an impressive array of patents, the brand has indeed cemented its legacy in the watchmaking industry. Their philosophy echoes the golden age of 18th-century master watchmakers, amalgamating timeless aesthetics with unparalleled precision.

By infusing contemporary design elements, De Bethune crafts pieces that mirror today’s interpretations of horological art. Their commitment to shaping the future of watchmaking, whilst cherishing its rich past, is apparent in their creations. And the DW5 Seeking Perfect is no exception.

In the words of a renowned watch connoisseur, “De Bethune’s timepieces are more than just watches; they are a journey through time and space. And with the DW5 Seeking Perfect, you’re not just wearing a watch; you’re donning a universe.” The cosmos, with all its mysteries, now rests on your wrist.

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