Crafting Coastal Cool with Clarks Originals and MAYDE

July 31, 2023
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Clarks Originals x MAYDE

As summer glimmers on the horizon, the much-anticipated marriage of British legacy footwear and California chic arrives with the innovative Clarks Originals x MAYDE collection.

This remarkable collaboration unites Aleali May, founder of the trendsetting fashion label MAYDE, with the timeless craftsmanship of Clarks Originals. It’s a fusion of East meets West, encapsulating the aesthetic breadth from UK’s finest shoemaking tradition to the laid-back allure of the Golden State.

Clarks Originals x MAYDE

Delving into the world of footwear back in 2022, Aleali May, the globally recognized sneaker enthusiast, has been challenging the traditional notion of style since the inception of her unisex brand, MAYDE. Imbued with the eclectic spirit of Los Angeles, May’s designs have always been an homage to the multifaceted fashion scene of her home city. This summer, she’s joining forces with the historic Clarks Originals to redefine the style narrative of the iconic Wallabee boot.

Clarks Originals x MAYDE

The Wallabee boot, a stalwart in the Clarks Originals collection since its debut in 1968, was birthed from the visionary mind of Lance Clark. Known for its meticulous craftsmanship, clean lines, and the distinctive crepe soles, the Wallabee boot has become a beloved classic across borders and generations. With the Clarks Originals x MAYDE alliance, the Wallabee boot is now recast in a vibrant, sun-soaked palette inspired by California’s picturesque scenery, from coastal sunsets to the warm tones of the desert.

At the heart of this fusion is a shared appreciation for material and design, with corduroy taking center stage. Speaking to the use of this classic fabric, May describes, “This collaboration echoes several of my creations and uses corduroy, a fabric that has become synonymous with Californian style.” With its textured surface and warm, faded hues, the corduroy Clarks Originals x MAYDE collection paints a visual narrative of relaxed Californian evenings.

Clarks Originals x MAYDE

The contemporary line reflects Aleali May’s vision of incorporating a unique Californian touch into the Wallabees, hailing the boots’ longstanding connection with hip-hop culture. “The Wallabees have always been a hip-hop fashion symbol, and it’s one of the many reasons why I love this model,” she comments. The combination of Clarks Originals’ signature style and MAYDE’s L.A.-inspired aesthetic underpins the unique blend of cultures that this collaboration represents.

Clarks Originals x MAYDE

The Clarks Originals x MAYDE collection makes a grand splash with a range of vibrant colors such as Pacific blue, terracotta, sand, sun, and coral. The collection is available online, in Clarks Originals stores across London, Manchester, Tokyo, Osaka, and Beijing, and from select retailers, including END, BSTN, Atmos, United Arrows, and Hannon.

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