A New Chapter Unfolds as COS Rekindles Its Flame at New York Fashion Week

July 29, 2023
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COS - New York Fashion Week September 2023
Will Poulter by Daniel Jackson (COS)

As the dog days of summer start to wane, the city that never sleeps will be stirring once more with the unmistakable thrill of New York Fashion Week. And this September, one brand we thought had taken a sabbatical from the high-voltage catwalks is planning a grand re-entrance. Yes, the minimalist behemoth COS is preparing to rekindle its flame in the Big Apple, aligning itself once again with the pantheon of pioneering fashion houses under the patronage of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

COS, famed for its crisp, sculptural silhouettes and obsession with detail, made quite a splash at its debut runway show at the last year’s Fashion Week. Now, as the herald of its Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, the London-born label is ready to embrace the runway again, reminding us all that fashion, art, music, and design can make a harmonious ensemble.

COS - New York Fashion Week September 2023
Kelela by Daniel Jackson (COS)

Spearheading the campaign are the multi-talented Kelela, whose soulful notes have often resonated with COS’s sartorial tunes, and the enigmatic Will Poulter, an actor whose transformative roles mirror the brand’s ever-evolving aesthetic. Together, they bring to life COS’s new collection, a paean to minimalist luxury that underscores a meticulous attention to detail, a sharp understanding of cut, and a deep-rooted respect for craftsmanship.

For those of us intrigued by the sophisticated simplicity of the design universe, COS is more than just a brand—it’s an ideology. Its return to New York Fashion Week presents an intriguing chance to see how the brand’s innovative vision translates on the runway. What narratives will the fabrics weave? What stories will the colors tell?


Steven Kolb, the illustrious CEO of the CFDA, has echoed the sentiment, welcoming COS back into the bustling universe of New York Fashion Week. “New York Fashion Week,” he asserts, “is still an essential launchpad for brands from around the world.” Evidently, COS is keen to capitalize on this dynamic platform, and its presence in the official calendar is a testament to its enduring relevance in the fashion cosmos.

Mark your calendars for the 12th of September at 7 p.m. EDT, and be sure to tune into cos.com for a live broadcast of the event.

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