Christmas log 2022, the Neroli log to smell and taste by Sébastien Gaudard

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Christmas Log 2022 - Sébastien Gaudard Paris

Tasting and smelling a Christmas log for a new olfactory and gustatory experience is the mission that Chef Sébastien Gaudard is proposing for this new holiday season.

“Neroli” Christmas log

Christmas Log 2022 - Sébastien Gaudard Paris

In collaboration with Corsican nose Marc Antoine Corticchiato, Pierre Hermé‘s former right-hand man at Fauchon is offering the Neroli log, which comes with a ceramic pallet deliciously scented with orange blossom to be smelled before the log is eaten. As for the log itself, it is composed of a hazelnut macaroon cookie roll delicately soaked in orange blossom water and filled with Madagascar vanilla cream. Orange zest, Tonka beans and a hint of Jasmine add a gourmet note to this log.

Neroli’s Christmas log and its palet, available from December 10th, at a price of 52 € for 6/7 persons.

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“Ma Bûche Mont-Blanc”

Christmas Log 2022 - Sébastien Gaudard Paris

For the 2nd edition of “Ma Bûche Mont-Blanc”, the Chef is back with new recipes and invites all gourmets to improvise themselves as pastry chefs for the end of year celebrations.

The “Ma Bûche Mont-Blanc” Log kit includes all the essential elements (whipped cream weights, Mont Blanc cream pot, meringues, vermicelli piping and piping bag…) to make your own signature dessert that will delight your guests, young and old.

Unwrap the box, follow the Chef’s recipe, add your creativity and pastry-making talent and surprise your guests!

“Ma Bûche Mont-Blanc” log is available from November 2nd, at the price of 29 €.

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