Chopard’s Timeless Commitment for Only Watch With L.U.C 1860 Only Watch Edition

August 16, 2023
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Chopard's Timeless Commitment for Only Watch With L.U.C 1860 Only Watch Edition

The passage of time is more than mere seconds ticking away; it’s about legacy, innovation, and most importantly, compassion. Chopard‘s unparalleled dedication to the Only Watch charity auction embodies all these facets, gifting not just a watch but a masterpiece: a singular interpretation of their L.U.C collection, taking root in the annals of horological history.

A Glimpse into Chopard’s Dedication

In 1997, Chopard took the world by storm when they unveiled the first timepiece in their L.U.C collection. Fast forward to now, and the brand’s unyielding dedication to sophistication is evident. Their recent addition? A bold reissue of their pioneering L.U.C 1860 timepiece, which Swiss magazine Montres Passion (Uhrenwelt) promptly recognized as “Watch of the Year” upon its debut. Chopard’s decision to reincarnate this model in Lucent Steel™, an alloy that’s fast becoming synonymous with luxury, speaks to its commitment to blending tradition with cutting-edge advancements.

Chopard's Timeless Commitment for Only Watch With L.U.C 1860 Only Watch Edition

The Brilliance of Lucent Steel™

The resplendent glow of Lucent Steel™, exclusive to Chopard, offers more than aesthetic appeal. This metal, which came into the limelight with the 2019 Alpine Eagle collection launch, is known for its remarkable luminosity, resistance, and purity. Chopard’s visionary approach didn’t stop there. By 2023, the brand pledges to incorporate 80% recycled steel across their entire steel watch line. These milestones are testament to Chopard’s Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a groundbreaking endeavor started in 2013. For this family-owned Maison, luxury goes hand-in-hand with responsibility.

Design Details: A Symphony of Contrasts

Step into Antarctica, and you might be lucky to witness the rare phenomenon of jade bergs, or green icebergs. It is this rare natural wonder that inspired the Ice Green hue of the L.U.C 1860’s dial. Besides being an aesthetic marvel, this color bears significant symbolic weight, shedding light on pressing environmental concerns. Complementing this are the hour-markers, evoking the elegance of white gold, and the Dauphine-type hands that bring to mind herringbones. A meticulous hand-guillochéd pattern encircles Chopard’s historic logo, placed centrally at 12 o’clock, completing the masterpiece.

Chopard's Timeless Commitment for Only Watch With L.U.C 1860 Only Watch Edition

Endorsement of Excellence

Chopard’s artistry is not just skin deep. This is further evidenced by their submission of this exclusive timepiece to the Poinçon de Genève’s esteemed scrutiny. While steel watches rarely attain this hallmark of excellence, the L.U.C 1860 Only Watch Edition surpasses standards, affirming its place among horological elite.

Beneath the Dial: Mechanical Mastery

Within the slim 3.30 mm thick confines of the L.U.C 96.40-L movement lies Chopard’s genius. This calibre harks back to the origins of Chopard Manufacture watchmaking workshops in 1996. Essential to its function is the off-centre 22-carat gold micro-rotor. This innovative design element ensures the twin barrels, intrinsic to Chopard’s Twin technology, remain efficiently wound, guaranteeing a power reserve of 65 hours.

Chopard's Timeless Commitment for Only Watch With L.U.C 1860 Only Watch Edition

Only Watch: A Philanthropic Partnership

When we talk of time, it’s also about the moments we give back to the world. Only Watch, the world’s premier charity watch auction, stands testament to this ethos. Come 5th November in Geneva, Chopard’s one-of-a-kind timepiece will be among those auctioned, with all proceeds aiding research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s sentiments on the collaboration resonate the brand’s ethos, “Since our first participation in 2005, this ongoing commitment has enabled us to develop bold one-off pieces stemming from lengthy aesthetic and technical research…

L.U.C Collection: A Tale of Craftsmanship

For over 25 years, under the vigilant leadership of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the L.U.C collection has become a beacon of horological artistry. Every watch, from its conception to its certification, showcases Chopard’s commitment to Swiss watchmaking tradition.

In the grand tapestry of time, Chopard doesn’t merely mark seconds; it creates legacies. And with their commitment to Only Watch, they prove that time is indeed precious.

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