Casablanca Celebrates Nigerian Culture with Spring 2024 Collection

Casablanca’s Spring 2024 collection marries Parisian elegance with Nigerian vibrancy. Charaf Tajer's designs, inspired by Lagos's dynamic culture, present a youthful, tailored spectacle of color, texture, and heritage, marking a celebrated big-league debut.
October 4, 2023
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Casablanca Celebrates Nigerian Culture with Spring 2024 Collection
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The fusion of Parisian chic and the vibrant spirit of Nigeria’s cultural tapestry was unveiled as Casablanca made its magnificent stride in the Spring 2024 collections. Charaf Tajer couldn’t help but express his exhilaration. “I love menswear—but growing up in Paris, this feels like a step up into the big leagues,” he exclaimed. The effervescent energy of Lagos, a city brimming with art, music, and fashion, was Tajer’s muse, weaving a narrative that intricately combines the aesthetics of two diverse worlds.

On the day marking Nigeria’s 63 years of independence, Casablanca’s runway glittered with ensembles echoing the nation’s rich cultural heritage and unyielding spirit. “The world of clothes is very important to West Africa, so I wanted to pay homage the best way possible,” Tajer reflected, a sentiment echoing the jubilant energy of the collection.

The heart of the Spring 2024 collection lies within its masterful tailoring, an art form deeply engrained in both Paris and Lagos. The clothes, however, eschew strict formality, pulsating instead with a youthful verve inspired by a nation that Tajer described as “so young.” From the bourgeois youth clad in tailored tennis whites to the techno-girl adorned in a futuristic bodysuit, the collection is a vivid exploration of characters and cultures.

Casablanca’s intersection with Nigerian culture was showcased through garments that breathed life into iconic elements. Seun Kuti, a son of Nigeria’s revered cultural icon Fela Kuti, graced the runway in attire that bridged historical nostalgia and contemporary flair. The ensemble was a harmonious blend of Casablanca’s signature aesthetics and the iconic stagewear reminiscent of Fela’s larger-than-life persona.


The extensive moto section,” Tajer noted, was a nod to the speed demons of Lagos. Leather attire, adorned with raglan sleeves painted in dégradé rainbow hues, mirrored the city’s dynamic energy. These pieces coalesced seamlessly with organza dresses and tailoring, an embodiment of Casablanca’s deft craftsmanship and innovation.

This collection, however, was not solely a visual spectacle; it was an exploration of texture and technique. Appliqués and embroideries accentuated hemlines on denim separates, a tribute to Nigeria’s rich crafts heritage. Knits, from long cardigan dresses to chic polo shirts, were aplenty, providing a sartorial voice to the intricate tapestry of West African culture.

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