Official Images Of The CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET x Nike Flea 2 “Faded Spruce” & “Black”

The Nike Flea 2, a collaboration with CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET, offers a unique blend of style and customization, marking a new chapter in innovative and personalized sneaker design. Awaiting its 2023 release.
October 10, 2023
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Official Images Of The CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET x Nike Flea 2 "Faded Spruce"
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Amid the sea of conventional designs, the Nike Flea 2 emerges as a breath of fresh air. Cynthia Lu, the brain behind CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET, chose a different path with this creation. Instead of following the iconic, yet whimsical, design of the Nike Flea 1, which bore a striking resemblance to the Grinch, the Flea 2 takes a turn towards sophistication and flexibility.

The silhouette marries the practicality of a cycling shoe with the robustness of a tank-like sole, echoing the fortitude of the BALENCIAGA Defender. But what truly distinguishes this piece is the element of personalization. The oversized Swoosh and the included pins, tailored to adorn the sneaker, lend wearers the freedom to infuse their personality into each pair. The snaps embedded throughout the structure facilitate an intricate level of customization.

This sneaker manifests CPFM’s continuous evolution and unyielding commitment to pushing boundaries. The Nike Flea 2 doesn’t just succeed its predecessor in name but marks a significant leap in design, aesthetics, and user engagement. It is poised to become a hallmark of personal expression in the world of sneakers.

Two distinct colorways, “Black” and “Faded Spruce,” each tell a story of meticulous craftsmanship and bold innovation. The “Faded Spruce” iteration, in particular, flaunts colorful pull-tabs at each heel, a signature white tongue tag, and a dual-toned sole detail. The “Alabaster” hue gracing the oversized Swooshes, paired with a snap button system, invites sneaker lovers to a world where footwear is not just worn but is a canvas of personal storytelling.


Having the ability to reshape and redefine the sneaker, to inject a part of yourself into the design – it’s a dialogue between the creator and the wearer,” Turnstile bassist Franz Lyons remarked, capturing the essence of this collaboration.

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Anticipation builds as sneaker aficionados, fashion connoisseurs, and the CPFM loyalists await the official release, rumored to grace the Holiday 2023 season.

© Photos: Nike

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