Burberry Resort 2024 Collection Explores the Tapestry of Tradition and Innovation

July 3, 2023
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Burberry Resort 2024 Collection
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Within the heart of a Parisian showroom unfolds the drama of a new tale in British fashion. An exploration in the eclectic and eccentric, the Burberry Resort 2024 collection manifests an unusual harmony between tradition and innovation. Helmed by Daniel Lee, this distinctive collection draws us into an aesthetic dialogue that bridges the gap between classic Burberry and whimsical reinvention.

Lee’s spring collection, true to his debut, is not a divergence but a consolidation of the British brand’s iconic elements. He masterfully manipulates the quintessential check and rose motifs, coupled with a mix of outerwear that goes beyond the standard palette of beige, to create a truly dynamic symphony of fashion. Notably, his trapper hats, now an emblem of his quirkiness, continue to provoke a double-take.

The Burberry Resort 2024 collection is a tableau of classic British wardrobe staples with a twist. There’s a precision to Lee’s design this time around, with a sharper, closer-to-the-body silhouette. Yet, this is tempered with a gentle palette, filled with delicate sorbet shades, making the collection feel simultaneously daring and demure. Lee’s pieces manage to embody a more conservative interpretation of the British wardrobe, while not shying away from innovative, modern touches.

The subversions are subtle, yet distinctive. Prince of Wales checks come distorted, blurred on heavy jacquards, turning conventional into a surprising artistic canvas. Similarly, the argyle patterns, playfully illustrated on deep V-neck sweaters, display a naive innocence juxtaposed with maturity.


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Lee also introduces a large-scale houndstooth pattern, which disrupts the expected uniformity, as it wraps around the knee seams of pants or retains its graphic boldness on a sleek car coat. It’s a fine balance between eccentricity and tradition.

Green is no stranger to the English wardrobe, but in the Burberry Resort 2024 collection, it takes on a new life. With a flood of hunter green on leather coats and puffers, alongside dandelion prints, the palette feels quintessentially British.

Footwear, under Lee’s craft, transcends the conventional, embracing the unusual in colour and shape. With shades like lemon sorbet and designs including ankle-harnessed riding boots, short chunky-heeled wellies, and zipper-detailed leather mules, Lee continues to challenge the norm. His interpretation of men’s sneakers, though offbeat with their rubbery, swollen appearance, may not win over all, but it’s a testament to his commitment to challenge the norm.

Lee’s approach to branding is a study in subtlety. There’s the Burberry blue punctuating snap buttons and cinching hardware. There’s the incorporation of the iconic equestrian knight design into handbag hardware. Even fringe from scarves finds a new purpose as pant leg edging.

One cannot overlook Lee’s penchant for the peculiar in his Shield and Knight bag designs. Seemingly amorphous on a shelf, these pieces are designed to collapse against the body, echoing the utilitarian attitude of a trench coat. Even his Peg bags, characterized by metal clothespin closures, contribute to his unique vocabulary of design.

Only time will tell if these novel creations will stir a sensation. But one thing is clear – the Burberry Resort 2024 collection, under Daniel Lee, continues to redefine the limits of tradition, drawing upon the past while innovatively crafting the future of fashion. This delicate dance between the classic and the contemporary is what makes the collection a compelling narrative in the evolving tale of Burberry.

Burberry Resort 2024 Collection
Burberry Resort 2024 Collection
Burberry Resort 2024 Collection

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