Brunello Cucinelli launches its first two fragrances for men and women

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Brunello Cucinelli First fragrances Men and Women

Italian luxury fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli enters the beauty market with the launch of two sophisticated fragrances for men and women, in collaboration with EuroItalia. The scents, inspired by the company’s roots and the land of Umbria, are designed to evoke the essence of a cashmere sweater and embody the brand’s signature elegance and craftsmanship.

The debut of Brunello Cucinelli pour Femme and Brunello Cucinelli pour Homme fragrances took place at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. The partnership with fragrance manufacturer EuroItalia is described by Cucinelli as a “contemporary licensing agreement,” emphasizing the importance of the beauty sector as an integrated part of his company.

Brunello Cucinelli First fragrances Men and Women

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Brunello Cucinelli shared his motivation for venturing into the fragrance industry, saying, “Several years ago, on the passing of a dear friend of mine, a beautiful soul who produced aromatic essences, I dreamt that one day I would dedicate a new product to him, in his loving memory. Today I’m fulfilling that dream.” He added that fragrances have long enchanted and accompanied women and men, and that he envisions perfume as “a caress, which, along with trust, gives the human being a colorful view of the world.

Master perfumers Daphné Bugey and Olivier Cresp of Firmenich were entrusted with the creation of the fragrances. Bugey, who developed the essence for the women’s scent, said, “This is a woody fragrance, which is quite unusual for a woman, but for me woods are really the most elegant of all ingredients.” She aimed to capture the same quality and craftsmanship found in Brunello Cucinelli garments, with the addition of chestnut as the key note of the scent.

Brunello Cucinelli First fragrances Men and Women
Brunello Cucinelli & Giovanni Sgariboldi and familly

Cresp, responsible for the men’s perfume, sought to create a “contemporary and timeless fragrance.” He drew inspiration from the cypress trees at the brand’s headquarters in Solomeo, Italy, and balanced the essence of cypress with notes of juniper, bergamot, lemon, ginger, and black pepper.

The advertising campaign for the fragrances, photographed and directed by Hunter & Gatti, features models Arizona Muse and James Turlington as the faces of the women’s and men’s scents. The campaign pays tribute to dreamers as “contemporary heroes,” celebrating the bond between fragrances, memories, and dreams.

Both Brunello Cucinelli and EuroItalia were established in 1978 and have experienced significant growth in recent years. In 2022, Brunello Cucinelli generated 919.7 million euros in sales, while EuroItalia reached around 690 million euros, representing a 29.1% and 28% increase, respectively, compared to the previous year.

Brunello Cucinelli First fragrances Men and Women

The fragrances are housed in classic glass bottles with aluminum details, retailing at 180 euros each. Initially launched exclusively at the Brunello Cucinelli store in Milan, they will be available in the brand’s European and Middle Eastern boutiques and selected perfumeries and retailers from May, followed by a U.S. debut in October, and an Asian launch in early 2024.

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