Brooklyn Nets x KAWS, when art inspires uniforms!

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Brooklyn Nets x KAWS

The Brooklyn Nets x KAWS collaboration is set to take the NBA by storm with an art-inspired uniform for the 2023-24 season.

This remarkable partnership merges the world of basketball with the creative energy of Brooklyn, marking a new chapter in the Nets’ legacy. Read on to discover the story behind this groundbreaking collaboration and how it aims to capture the essence of the vibrant Brooklyn community.

The Brooklyn Nets have always been a team with strong connections to the local culture and community, and their latest collaboration is no exception. Teaming up with renowned Brooklyn-based artist KAWS, the Nets are introducing a unique, art-infused uniform for their 2023-24 Nike NBA City Edition. This creative partnership extends over two years, promising a fresh and distinctive look for the team that transcends the basketball court.

Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS, is an influential artist and designer whose work spans various mediums, including painting, sculpture, and street art. Gaining international recognition for his signature “XX” motif and unique artistic style, KAWS has become a prominent figure in the world of contemporary art.

In this collaboration, KAWS draws inspiration from his 10-part art series, “Tension,” to craft a City Edition uniform that truly embodies the spirit of Brooklyn. The uniform features KAWS’ abstract design and employs a striking color palette of gray, teal, navy, and coral. The artist’s reimagination of the Nets’ logo, coupled with his autograph and iconic “XX” motif, makes for a bold and captivating aesthetic.

KAWS expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “As a proud Brooklyn resident, I was thrilled when the Nets asked me to create a new uniform design. The history, community, and passion of this borough create an energy that inspires my studio practice, the players, and the fans. My design aims to capture the vibrancy that we experience daily when navigating Brooklyn.

This collaboration follows the Nets’ tribute to artist Jean-Michel Basquiat with their 2022-23 City Edition uniform. The team’s commitment to celebrating the arts further establishes their connection to the rich cultural heritage of Brooklyn.

Andrew Karson, senior vice president of brand marketing, strategy, and solutions for BSE Global, the Nets’ parent company, expressed the team’s excitement for the partnership: “The Brooklyn Nets brand transcends the court in many ways, and we are excited to partner with another Brooklyn icon, KAWS, to deepen our connection to the borough with this newest City Edition uniform.

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Brooklyn Nets x KAWS
Brooklyn Nets x KAWS
Brooklyn Nets x KAWS
Brooklyn Nets x KAWS

Fans can look forward to the Brooklyn Nets x KAWS 2023-24 City Edition uniform and accompanying merchandise collection, which will be available on the team’s website and at the Barclays Center starting this fall.

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