Bottega Veneta’s Global Journey for Spring 2024

September 26, 2023
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Bottega Veneta's Global Journey for Spring 2024
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The enchantment of a journey is seldom about the endpoint, but rather the revelations experienced throughout. This sentiment seems to be at the heart of Matthieu Blazy’s vision for Bottega Veneta‘s Spring 2024 collection. Gone is the emphasis on the label’s Italian roots. Instead, Blazy gifts the world with a mosaic of global inspirations, reflecting not just a place, but the heartbeat of various cultures.

This Spring, entering the show space was akin to diving into a vividly painted world map. The azure blue ceramic tiles beneath bore childlike sketches of fauna – from fishes to birds, and even a nod to Blazy’s canine companion. Yet this wasn’t just decor; it symbolized the expansive voyage Blazy embarked on to bring the collection to life.

The runway bore witness to a harmonious melding of world cultures. From the reinterpretation of Bottega’s signature Intrecciata using basket-weaving techniques reminiscent of banana leaves found in Asia and South America to the leather wrap poncho reminiscent of rustic ponchos from the Americas. It’s as if each piece whispered stories from the lands they were inspired by.

Blazy’s decision to avoid pinpointing exact cultural origins was deliberate. In a world where accusations of cultural appropriation are rife, he treads cautiously. However, he firmly believes in the universal language of art and craft, suggesting that they are the collective inheritance of humanity. The Spring 2024 line is testament to this philosophy, where references might be blurred but resonate with a shared human experience.


Nature’s magic wasn’t forgotten. Garments mirrored natural wonders, from fringed leather tops reminiscent of cacti to cocoon coats evoking exotic blooming flowers. The collection seemed to emphasize that the beauty of our natural world is as captivating as the cultures that reside within it.

Blazy’s approach to fashion leans heavily towards craft over mere glitz. There’s an authentic feel to every piece. However, the spring line did showcase some choices that seemed more weighted for colder months, with bulky sweaters and overcoats. Yet these moments were balanced by more temperate pieces like mesh dresses adorned with raffia bursts, creating a symphony of seasons.

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Bottega Veneta's Global Journey for Spring 2024

© Photos: Bottega Veneta

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