BOSS Legends x Keith Haring Collaboration, The Fusion of Art and Fashion

June 8, 2023
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BOSS x Keith Haring
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Art has a way of transcending boundaries, blurring lines, and creating beauty in unexpected places. This spirit finds a fitting tribute in the latest fashion fusion – the BOSS Legends x Keith Haring, featuring the vibrant creativity of iconic artist and activist, Keith Haring.

Keith Haring’s work, recognizable worldwide for its distinctive style and heartwarming depiction of the “radiant baby“, resonates with an energetic, yet simplistic, purity. First gaining recognition on the subway platforms of New York City, Haring’s art extends beyond the canvas, voicing critical societal and political themes such as the AIDS epidemic that tragically swept the LGBTQIA+ community during his time.

BOSS captures this spirit of Haring in its new collection. Emphasizing freedom of expression, the BOSS Legends x Keith Haring campaign mirrors the pluralistic approach of the late artist by extending his works onto various mediums – from T-shirts and shorts to hoodies.

The collection bursts with color, with interiors of select pieces embracing the hues of the rainbow, symbolic of the LGBTQIA+ flag. Rainbow BOSS logos and patches that showcase Haring’s drawings add a personal touch to the collection. Other items feature an eclectic assortment of accessories and pieces reminiscent of Haring’s distinctive style, from Polaroid pictures of the artist embellishing unique mesh dresses and button-up shirts to matching bucket hats.


This poignant collection serves as more than just a fashion statement; it signifies a tribute to Haring’s courage and commitment to social issues. Keith Haring wasn’t just an artist; he embodied the ethos of a BOSS – living life on his own terms and fearlessly advocating against social injustices. His legacy of philanthropy lives on through the Keith Haring Foundation, which continues to support child welfare and the fight against AIDS, and champions public awareness of Haring and his work.

The launch of the BOSS Legends x Keith Haring collection isn’t merely serendipitous; it is a timely tribute, coinciding with Pride Month. Marking this momentous occasion, HUGO BOSS pledges a donation to ILGA World, a global federation that champions equal rights for people across all spectrums of sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and sexual characteristics. This initiative, coupled with the brand’s collaboration with ILGA World for raising employee awareness about inclusion, attests to HUGO BOSS’s commitment to promoting diversity and understanding.

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BOSS x Keith Haring
BOSS x Keith Haring
BOSS x Keith Haring
BOSS x Keith Haring

Made possible by a partnership with Artestar, a leading global licensing and creative consulting agency, the BOSS Legends x Keith Haring collection is set to make waves in the fashion scene from mid-May to early June, depending on the countries.

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