Bob’s Watches Inks Unprecedented Partnership with Kurt Kitayama

July 18, 2023
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Bob’s Watches x Kurt Kitayama

In luxury horology, partnerships with sports stars have always been par for the course. However, timepieces aficionados and golf enthusiasts alike are being treated to a refreshing surprise. Bob’s Watches, a renowned online retailer of luxury wristwatches, has embarked on an extraordinary journey by signing PGA Tour professional Kurt Kitayama as their brand ambassador. This bold swing in marketing strategy is unique to the horological world as it’s the first time a PGA golfer is aligning with a watch retailer, rather than a traditional watchmaker.

Hailing from California, Kurt Kitayama, an impressive figure known as much for his sartorial elegance as his golfing prowess, came onto the professional scene in 2015. Graduating with a finance degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Kitayama soon swapped financial charts for putting greens. His style and precision on the fairways, reminiscent of the immaculate craftsmanship of Bob’s Watches offerings, established him as a fitting ambassador for the brand. Since winning the PGA Tour card in 2021 and claiming victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March 2023, Kitayama’s star has been on a steady rise, currently sitting 20th in the FedEx Cup rankings and 24th in the Official World Golf Rankings.

Paul Altieri, Bob’s Watches CEO, spoke highly of the partnership, saying, “Kurt Kitayama has distinguished himself as an exceptional golfer on the PGA tour. His dedication, poise and sportsmanship mirror our values at Bob’s Watches. We are proud to sponsor him and look forward to a fruitful partnership.

Under this deal, Kitayama will carry the Bob’s Watches banner at PGA tour events, be an integral part of their promotional campaigns, and be a recurring presence across media platforms. But beyond representing the company, Kitayama has an enviable perk. Carol Altieri, COO of Bob’s Watches, stated that Kurt would be offered his choice of models from their extensive collection, which includes esteemed brands such as Rolex, OMEGA, Cartier, and Panerai.


We will be reaching out to Kurt to determine what fits his style — you want the wearer to wear the watch, not the watch wear them,” Carol Altieri explained, further underscoring the importance of synergy between the golfer and the timepiece. “As a professional golfer, Kurt has a very busy schedule traveling from event to event every week in various time zones. It’s critical that he has an accurate watch on his wrist.”

This partnership is not merely a novel marketing approach, but it exemplifies the intersecting passion for precision and excellence shared between Bob’s Watches and Kitayama. Echoing this sentiment, Kurt Kitayama said, “As a professional golfer, my life is all about timing, whether it be on the golf course or making my connection flights to my next global tournament. I am thrilled to join with Bob’s Watches as we share the values of quality, precision, and performance at the highest level.”

Since its inception in 2010, Bob’s Watches has grown into a prominent player in the watch market, specializing in pre-owned and vintage Rolex watches alongside other prestigious brands like OMEGA, Tudor, Oris, and Cartier. This venture with Kitayama further sets the retailer apart, showcasing its innovative approach and commitment to merging horological excellence with the world of professional sports.

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