BLUEMARBLE Spring/Summer 2024 collection Infuses Parisian Chic with California’s Sun-Kissed Soul

June 25, 2023
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Bluemarble - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week
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The BLUEMARBLE Spring/Summer 2024 collection takes us on a journey where the West Coast’s irrepressible spirit meets the finesse of Parisian design. Anthony Alvarez, the creative power behind the brand, melds a spectrum of experiences into the tapestry of a collection that mirrors the soulful exchange between skate and surf cultures, invoking California’s perennial youthful appeal.

As BLUEMARBLE turns five, the singular thread weaving through its history is the audacious exploration of self-identity. The brand continues to delve into the complexity of individuality as it manifests sartorially – a constantly evolving mosaic that captures various influences within a certain temporal context.

A closer look at this season’s collection offers an engaging narrative of evolving fashion. Taking cues from the eccentricity of West Coast dressing, it successfully integrates an oxymoronic blend of careful spontaneity. In the words of Alvarez, “People put great effort into building a story through unique pieces, yet their looks are completely laid back.

This collection presents an enviable wardrobe, a mix of youthful tailoring, everyday clothing radiating in vibrant hues, and statement pieces born out of the sheer exhilaration of creative freedom. The unexpected palette, with tones of chartreuse yellow and dusty cobalt, breathes life into the collection, while playing with proportions – boxy, cropped, enlarged, and lengthened – adds an innovative sartorial edge.


Noteworthy too are the ingenious styling solutions – surf hoodie sleeves draped over the shoulders, fastened securely by jacket lapel zippers, hinting at an inherent laid-back West Coast aesthetic.

BLUEMARBLE continues to reinvent and redefine its signature pieces, adding a personal touch that’s more pronounced than ever. Whether it’s a windbreaker with hiking boot lacing or classic striped shirts adorned with heat-pressed starbursts, the attention to details is a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn with the use of flora and fauna motifs, introducing a captivating element of quirkiness. The hibiscus artwork, either rendered in rhinestones on board shorts, airbrushed on coordinated looks, or ribbed on long john layers, provides a psychedelic freshness. The daring use of leopard spots as visual contrast further demonstrates the brand’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

The collection doesn’t shy away from the mystical either. Spirals shells from Corsica and a good luck toad find their way onto ozone-treated cargo pants and relaxed pieces, adding a dash of superstition to the mix. In a nod to the brand’s origin story, a basketball jersey, bearing the number 19, marks BLUEMARBLE’s debut year.

As for footwear, the brand’s collaboration with Italian footwear giant Diemme offers a hybrid skate-inspired mule, beautifully ornamented with hiking eyelets and a removable, oversized tongue. Even the humble thong sandal gets a BLUEMARBLE makeover, becoming slightly puffy with wraparound lacing.

This Spring/Summer 2024 collection is BLUEMARBLE’s love letter to nostalgic joy. It’s designed for those who approach their style with a discerning eye, an appreciation for intricate details, and a timeless youthful spirit. This collection mirrors the diversity and creativity of the world in which BLUEMARBLE has found its voice – an amalgamation of cultures, born from a West Coast vibe, developed in Paris, and discovered around the world.


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