For Only Watch 2023, Blancpain Celebrates 70 years of The Fifty Fathoms With an Exclusive Edition

August 25, 2023
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For Only Watch 2023, Blancpain celebrates 70 years of the Fifty Fathoms with an exclusive edition

Ocean tides bring tales from the depths, whispering stories of adventures, daring escapades, and treasures from the abyss. This year, Blancpain crafts a narrative that is a harmonious blend of its historic Fifty Fathoms line and its devotion to marine conservation, punctuating it with the celebration of Fifty Fathoms’s 70th Anniversary. As horology enthusiasts across the world set their sights on Only Watch 2023, Blancpain unfurls a chronicle of craftsmanship, echoing the legacy of the iconic Fifty Fathoms, which first captured hearts in 1953.

The Fifty Fathoms didn’t just tell time; it was a diver’s companion. It carried the aspirations of pioneers and bore witness to humanity’s early rendezvous with the deep blue. Testament to Blancpain’s unwavering pledge to protect the oceans, the special edition of the 70th Anniversary Fifty Fathoms Act 1 carries an essence inspired not just by its 1953 progenitor, but also the 2003 50th Anniversary Fifty and the 2007 Fifty Fathoms, which signalled the dawn of its newer generations.

For Only Watch 2023, Blancpain celebrates 70 years of the Fifty Fathoms with an exclusive edition

Its design language speaks volumes. One cannot overlook the mesmerizing blue unidirectional bezel, sculpted from the resilient sapphire, evoking visual depths reminiscent of the ocean’s mysteries. The bezel’s bombé form complements the intricately graduated blue dial. Shifting hues from the center to the perimeter dance with light, while the luminous indexes with Arabic numerals at intervals – 3, 6, 9, and 12, resonate with tales of old. Craftsmanship is evident in the stick markers at five-minute intervals, enriched with layers of Super-LumiNova, breathing life and depth.

The heart of this masterpiece, the in-house calibre 1315 movement, resonates with precision. Equipped with three mainspring barrels, it promises an impressive 5-day power reserve. The free sprung balance, accompanied by a silicon hairspring, ensures the timepiece’s precision is second to none. Through its transparent caseback, one can admire the meticulous finishing of the movement, spotlighting extra-large jewels and an 18K gold winding rotor. Adorned with a NAC platinum-based alloy, the rotor silently boasts of its allegiance to the Only Watch.

For Only Watch 2023, Blancpain celebrates 70 years of the Fifty Fathoms with an exclusive edition

While the timepiece encapsulates history, its 42.3mm stainless steel case introduces a fresh dimension to the Fifty Fathoms line, subtly evolving the legacy.

Yet, Blancpain’s ode to the ocean doesn’t end here. The watch’s blue NATO-style strap, crafted from recycled nylon fishing nets salvaged from the sea, symbolizes a tangible commitment to marine conservation. It serves as a reminder that time, like the ocean, is continuous and our actions today determine the tales of tomorrow.

In essence, the Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 1 isn’t just a watch. It is a narrative, an ode, a pledge, and a testament – embodying 70 years of Blancpain’s illustrious journey, its unwavering commitment to the marine world, and its contribution to the illustrious Only Watch 2023.

Time is a gift, and with every tick, we craft history. The Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 1 isn’t just a chapter in Blancpain’s story but a reflection of humanity’s bond with time and tide,” muses a renowned horologist.

As the tides of time continue to ebb and flow, Blancpain‘s tribute stands as an eternal beacon for aficionados, urging them to dive deep into the chronicles of horology.

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