Biver Catharsis Reimagines Time’s Essence For Only Watch 2023

August 21, 2023
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Biver Catharsis Reimagines Time's Essence For Only Watch 2023

When we contemplate the cosmos, its vastness, its beauty, we often forget the intricacies of time. We neglect the delicate ballet of hands, indexes, and gears that regulate the rhythm of our lives. For Only Watch 2023, JC BIVER Watches challenges this paradigm, ushering in a masterclass of horological innovation named “Biver Catharsis.”

In the serene canvas of a starlit sky, bathed in the glow of a cresting moon, “Biver Catharsis” comes alive. Not as a mere watch but as an embodiment of time itself. Gone are the hands and indexes we’ve grown accustomed to, replaced by a breathtaking wave of sapphires. An unprecedented configuration that entices the viewer to immerse in a dance where the dial, crown, and hands redefine their roles.

Biver Catharsis Reimagines Time's Essence For Only Watch 2023

Made of resilient titanium, this horological wonder marries avant-garde craftsmanship with pioneering techniques of invisible gem-setting, stone marquetry, and intricate guilloché. Boasting no visible display of time, its dial is instead dominated by 89 meticulously placed sapphires, each distinct in size and weight. Their three-dimensional arrangement emulates the unpredictable yet graceful movement of ocean waves, as if to suggest that time, like waves, is both constant and ever-changing.

We give birth to the soul of the watch,” claimed Jean-Claude Biver. After dedicating half a century to watchmaking, Jean-Claude, along with his son Pierre, envisioned a brand untethered from commercial constraints. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they gathered the crème de la crème of horological specialists to sculpt museum-quality marvels that encapsulate prestige.

Biver Catharsis Reimagines Time's Essence For Only Watch 2023

At the heart of their inaugural timepiece is a beloved watchmaking complication – a minute repeater. And not just any repeater but one boasting a tourbillon and a micro rotor. Its prototype, undoubtedly a testament to their unparalleled craftsmanship, fetched a staggering CHF 1.27 million at a Phillips auction in Geneva earlier this year.

Time is an enigma, a double-edged sword. While watches like those by the Bivers remind us of life’s fleeting moments, they also celebrate our existence within those very confines. An artist friend once conveyed this duality to Jean-Claude Biver, saying, “Make me a minute repeater with no hands, no indexes. I want time to be MINE.” “Biver Catharsis” captures this sentiment, offering an experience, not just a timepiece.

The starry expanse above, crafted from silver obsidian known for its invigorating attributes, is punctuated with opal stars and a meteorite moon. Floating above the sapphire sea, this celestial depiction is a testament to the timeless art of watchmaking, bringing a poetic touch to a technical masterpiece.

Biver Catharsis Reimagines Time's Essence For Only Watch 2023

Yet, the true essence of “Biver Catharsis” lies in its subtle storytelling. Every detail, every component speaks volumes, bridging the past, present, and future. From the flame-blued hour hand, crafted in their farmhouse workshop nestled between Geneva and Lausanne, to the unseen details meticulously hand-decorated, “Biver Catharsis” is an ode to invisible beauty. It serves not only as a collector’s prize but also as an art piece.

The technical marvel inside this timepiece is powered by the JCB-002 movement. This automatic caliber, wound by a platinum micro-rotor embellished with a rose gold decorative plate, ensures precision. Encased in Grade 5 Titanium, this watch promises durability while its sapphire crystal ensures clarity with an inner anti-reflective coating. A genuine leather strap, hand-stitched to perfection, complements the ensemble, ensuring that the wearer feels its exclusivity.

Biver Catharsis Reimagines Time's Essence For Only Watch 2023

Time, they say, waits for none. But with the “Biver Catharsis,” one can’t help but feel that time, for once, has been beautifully, poetically, captured. Only Watch 2023 beckons enthusiasts to witness this transformation of horological artistry, where JC BIVER Watches not only crafts timepieces but also defines moments that last an eternity.

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