Baltic Presents BALTIC Experiments Premier Quantième Perpétuel at Only Watch 2023

August 23, 2023
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Baltic Presents BALTIC Experiments Premier Quantième Perpétuel at Only Watch 2023

Capturing the heartbeats of the horological aficionado is no easy task, especially with the onslaught of masterpieces on display at the anticipated Only Watch charity auction this November in Geneva. Yet, amid the grandeur, BALTIC Experiments stands tall – BALTIC Experiments is the new line from French watchmaker Baltic – marking their sublime entry with the Premier Quantième Perpétuel. Their second participation in this renowned event already sends ripples of intrigue.

The excitement is palpable, “We are delighted and honored to be participating for the second time in the Only Watch charity auction,” echoes the sentiment of the passionate team behind BALTIC Experiments.

Two years – that’s how long Baltic voyaged into the unknown, challenging their skills and honing their expertise. It wasn’t just about crafting a timepiece, but pioneering an innovation that hadn’t been part of their portfolio before: the Perpetual Calendar module. And they didn’t walk this path alone. Their vision caught the eye of the esteemed watchmakers of Maclef, with its legacy rooted in the foundations laid by Emmanuel Bouchet.

Baltic Presents BALTIC Experiments Premier Quantième Perpétuel at Only Watch 2023

Baltic’s aspiration wasn’t merely to add another watch to the fray. Their vision encapsulated the essence of timelessness with a flair for elegance and readability. A glance at the Premier Quantième Perpétuel reveals this commitment. Every detail, from the meticulously balanced dial with its three sub-registers to the third main hand for date indication, converges to narrate a tale of aesthetic harmony and precision.


What pulses within this masterpiece is the culmination of relentless research and innovation. “The heart of the Premier Quantième Perpétuel,” they fondly describe, “is the result of over two years of research and development.” It’s where the brilliance of the Maclef watchmakers intertwines with the dreams of Baltic. An in-house module breathes life into the perpetual calendar, sitting gracefully atop a Vaucher 5401 micro-rotor movement, the bridges of which have been thoughtfully reworked to enhance its beauty.

Yet, it’s not just about what lies beneath. The Premier Quantième Perpétuel’s exterior is a tapestry of elegance and resilience. Enveloped in stainless steel and Grade 5 titanium, its dimensions sing a song of graceful proportions. With a diameter of 37mm, a lug-to-lug measurement of 44mm, and a poised thickness of 9.8mm, this is a timepiece that promises to nestle comfortably on the wrist of its fortunate beholder.

Baltic Presents BALTIC Experiments Premier Quantième Perpétuel at Only Watch 2023

Specifications may speak volumes, but the true character of the Premier Quantième Perpétuel is reflected in its finer details. From a dial that offers a unique method of information assimilation, to the silicium moon-phase sub-dial accurate to 122 years, and a case that seamlessly integrates with a steel mesh band – every aspect reiterates the passion and proficiency of Baltic.

The inclusion of a leather strap only emphasizes the flexibility and adaptability of this timepiece to cater to different moods and occasions. It’s clear that Baltic is not just presenting a watch; they’re offering an experience, a journey through time and precision, crafted in collaboration with Maclef.

As we await the dawn of November 5th, and the coveted Only Watch auction, the BALTIC Experiments Premier Quantième Perpétuel stands as a testament to the marvels that arise when dreams meet dedication. It’s not just a watch; it’s an emblem of Baltic’ enduring spirit and their commitment to horological excellence.

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