BALMAIN Takes Flight with Spring 2024 Collection

BALMAIN's Spring 2024 collection weaves past and present, showcasing Rousteing's reimagination of iconic designs. Embracing universal allure, it combines cultural influences, androgynous styles, and modern aesthetics, encapsulating a journey from tradition to contemporary elegance.
October 10, 2023
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BALMAIN Takes Flight with Spring 2024 Collection

The Spring 2024 collection by BALMAIN is a revelation. Meticulously threading the needle between past and present, creative director Olivier Rousteing embarks on a journey that elevates Pierre Balmain’s emblematic designs into the future, offering men an amalgamation of the classic and contemporary.

Rousteing drew inspiration from the swallow motif – an emblem of good luck during the Balmain era, and breathed life into it in an entirely new context. The collection is a cavalcade of sharply tailored jackets, their beauty magnified by embellished swallows, an homage to BALMAIN’s historical roots, flourishing amid modern design.

Set against the backdrop of the historic 44 Rue François 1er, the collection exemplifies Rousteing’s affection for blending tradition with the new world’s audacious spirit. “They all own their own kingdoms,” Rousteing expressed, referencing the modern princes who exude the confidence and charm that this collection seeks to amplify.

Every piece, infused with echoes of Europe and central Africa, resonates with the swallow’s migratory path – a journey that transcends borders, epitomizing the convergence of diverse cultures. “What is interesting is to see all the cultures together,” said Rousteing, echoing sentiments that underscore the universal allure of his creations.


Yet, the Spring 2024 lineup isn’t trapped in nostalgia. It’s a vibrant, forward-looking array of attire that integrates influences from various epochs. Varsity cardigans blend seamlessly with souvenir jackets, adorned with intricate designs inspired by Asia, offering young men attire that is as expressive as it is elegant.

Men are introduced to a world where the androgynous charm of BALMAIN reigns supreme. Narrow legged and slim-fit pants, juxtaposed with elevated Cuban heel boots, amplify the collection’s allure. Rousteing’s craftsmanship is evident in every stitch, embodying a design ethos that transcends traditional gender norms, with 20% of the collection designed to be unisex.

Amid the allure of the collection are accessories that can’t be overlooked – tote bags and weekenders shaped like boom boxes and amplifiers, completing the rock star aesthetic. The apparel, though rooted in the past, is very much attuned to the future, to the Spring 2024 man who is as passionate about his roots as he is eager to embrace tomorrow.

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BALMAIN Takes Flight with Spring 2024 Collection
BALMAIN Takes Flight with Spring 2024 Collection

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