The exquisite Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece: A fusion of art and horology

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Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon "Year of the Rabbit"

Arnold & Son’s latest masterpiece, the Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece, is a breathtaking tribute to the Water Rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac.

This rare and exclusive creation embodies the perfect harmony of artistic expression, expert watchmaking, and celestial inspiration. As an ode to the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, this remarkable timepiece is a fusion of technical sophistication and intricate craftsmanship, capturing the essence of the serene yet vigilant Water Rabbit in its stunning design.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon "Year of the Rabbit"

At the heart of this timepiece is the meticulously sculpted 18-carat rose gold rabbit, which sits gracefully against a deep black aventurine backdrop. In Chinese lore, the rabbit is known as the moon’s loyal companion, symbolizing prudence, agility, longevity, peace, and prosperity. This enchanting scene also features a hand-painted pagoda, waterfalls, and delicate foliage accentuated with gold powder, all nestled under the captivating mother-of-pearl moon.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon "Year of the Rabbit"

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The moon itself is a testament to Arnold & Son‘s mastery of artistic crafts. A rotating disc reveals the lunar cycle, with painted elements in relief and SuperLumiNova enhancing its ethereal glow. During the day, the moon appears pale, while at night, it transforms into a luminescent celestial body adorned with scintillating details. The dial’s aquatic elements and pagoda windows are also hand-painted with luminescent material, adding depth to the timepiece’s rich narrative.

The Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” is powered by the A&S1512 calibre, a movement entirely developed, produced, and assembled at Arnold & Son’s Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds. With a double barrel and a 90-hour power reserve, this timepiece boasts a moon phase display so precise that it will remain accurate for 122 years before deviating from the actual lunar cycle by one day. This exceptional level of accuracy is a testament to Arnold & Son’s commitment to expert watchmaking and their connection to the cosmic cycles.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon "Year of the Rabbit"

The Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” is a limited edition release, with only eight timepieces available worldwide. Priced at €57,700 or $63,000 USD, this exquisite creation is mounted on a glistening black alligator leather strap with visible platinum stitching, and a red alligator leather lining as a nod to Chinese symbolism’s lucky color. This exclusive timepiece is not only a celebration of the Water Rabbit but also a reflection of the eternal elegance and timeless innovation that characterizes every Arnold & Son creation.

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