Apple’s tvOS 17 to Feature FaceTime, A Leap Forward in Home Entertainment and Connectivity

June 6, 2023
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FaceTime - tvOS 17
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Apple has once again raised the bar. The technology giant has announced, at its annual WWDC 2023 conference held yesterday, the upcoming release of tvOS 17, a software update that promises to transform the Apple TV 4K into a more interactive and enjoyable hub for the entire household. This update will bring FaceTime and video conferencing to the biggest screen in your home, making the living room a more connected space than ever before.

A New Era of Home Communication

With tvOS 17, Apple TV 4K users will be able to enjoy FaceTime on their television screens for the first time. This feature will allow users to engage in more immersive conversations with family and friends, right from the comfort of their living rooms. As Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, puts it, “tvOS 17 transforms the biggest screen in the home with FaceTime and new video conferencing capabilities, giving Apple TV 4K users the ability to easily connect with anyone right from their living room.”

The new FaceTime app on Apple TV will allow users to initiate calls directly from their TV or start calls on their iPhone or iPad and hand them off to Apple TV. This seamless integration is made possible by Continuity Camera support, which wirelessly connects the user’s iPhone or iPad to the TV, leveraging the device’s camera and microphone.

Enhancing the User Experience

The tvOS 17 update also introduces an all-new Control Center, providing users with easier access to key settings and information. The Control Center will display system status details, such as time and active profile, enhancing the user experience. Furthermore, the update strengthens the integration between Apple TV and iPhone, allowing users to locate their Siri Remote via the Apple TV remote inside the iPhone’s Control Center.

FaceTime - tvOS 17

The update also brings personalized experiences to the forefront. When using the remote on iPhone to wake up and control Apple TV, users will automatically switch to their profile, ensuring they have access to their recently watched shows and personalized recommendations. Additional settings and preferences are now saved for each user profile, including their system language and paired AirPods.

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More Than Just Entertainment

The tvOS 17 update is not just about entertainment and communication. Later this year, video conferencing apps like Webex by Cisco and Zoom will launch on tvOS, bringing their communication capabilities to Apple TV 4K. This will allow developers to integrate the iPhone or iPad camera and microphone into their tvOS app, creating new shared and immersive entertainment experiences for the living room.

FaceTime - tvOS 17

Moreover, Apple Music Sing, a feature that lets users sing along to their favorite tracks, will also integrate Continuity Camera, allowing users to see themselves on screen and add entertaining filters.

The tvOS 17 update is set to revolutionize the way we use our televisions, transforming them from mere entertainment devices into powerful tools for communication and interaction. With its focus on connectivity, personalization, and user experience, Apple continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our living rooms. The tvOS 17 update will be available as a free software update this fall, promising to make Apple TV 4K the best living room device yet.

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