Apple’s iPhone 15 Will Have Thinner Screen And Others Announcements to Expect

August 2, 2023
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Apple iPhone 15 Thinner Screen
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Set your countdown timers and clear your calendars, tech enthusiasts! We are mere weeks away from Apple Inc. unfurling its latest lineup of offerings. This fall, we’ll witness another evolutionary leap towards the dream of an all-screen iPhone 15, along with more humble, yet impactful, advancements in the new generation of Apple watches.

The quest for the borderless screen began in earnest with the iPhone X back in 2017. Despite the relatively narrow bezels of its predecessors, iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display was a revelation in design. But even this didn’t remove all obstacles. The infamous notch – accommodating the Face ID, speaker, front-facing camera, and other sensors – still posed a challenge to the dream of a truly seamless display.

Fast forward to the forthcoming iPhone 15, and Apple seems set to make significant strides towards its all-screen aspiration. The standard iPhone 15 models are set to bid goodbye to the notch, adopting the smaller, more aesthetically pleasing Dynamic Island feature. Meanwhile, the Pro and Pro Max versions will utilize low-injection pressure over-molding technology, fondly referred to as “LIPO” within Apple‘s hallways.

LIPO technology is poised to minimize the border size around the display to a mere 1.5 millimeters, a noticeable decrease from the current 2.2 millimeters. This isn’t the first time LIPO has come into play – it first graced the Apple Watch Series 7, conferring it with thinner borders and a more expansive display. Sources tell this technology is set to permeate into the iPad realm eventually.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting changes on the horizon for the iPhone 15 series, marking the biggest wave of innovation since the introduction of 5G three years ago. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models promise major camera enhancements, powered by the robust A16 chip, previously exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro lineup. And for those who have long grumbled about the proprietary Lightning connector, Apple finally seems to have lent an ear, opting for the more universal USB-C port.

The Pro models in the 15 series are expected to sport a new armor, replacing the gleaming yet fingerprint-happy stainless-steel edges with the stronger, lighter, and more luxurious material – titanium. While the design will maintain the frosted glass back that fans have grown fond of, expect a smoother transition between the sides and the front, with the edges noticeably less sharp.

As for the internals, they are being overhauled to mirror the revamped aluminum chassis of the regular iPhone 14, making for easier repair. Expect significant camera upgrades, including enhanced lenses, and an expanded optical zoom range on the largest model. And while the standard iPhone 15 models inherit the robust A16 processor, the new Pro phones step up the game with a lightning-fast 3-nanometer chip.

Apple had initially planned a “Bongo” feature – touch-sensitive buttons with haptic feedback, reminiscent of Mac trackpads. However, engineering difficulties and cost concerns shelved this idea, settling instead for an “Action” button – much like the one on the Apple Watch – which users can customize according to their needs.

But beware, all this innovation might have a slight impact on your wallets. A minor price increase is anticipated across all four models outside of the U.S. And don’t be too surprised if some of the Pro models carry a higher price tag, given the upgrade to titanium and the enhanced camera system on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

On the wrist-wear front, we can expect the Apple Watch lineup to get a significant performance boost thanks to the new S9 processor. The lineup will feature three tiers: the 41- and 45-millimeter Series 9 models and a second-generation Apple Watch Ultra. The much-anticipated SE upgrade won’t feature this year, aligning with its two-year upgrade cycle, but we should see it refreshed in 2024.

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