Apple Raises the Bar: New Black MacBook Pro Packs a Punch with 128GB of RAM

Apple's latest MacBook Pro series, featuring the powerful M3 chip family, sets a new standard in performance and capabilities. With the addition of space black colorway for the Pro models, a stunning Liquid Retina XDR display, and up to 22 hours of battery life.
October 31, 2023
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Apple Raises the Bar: New Black MacBook Pro Packs a Punch with 128GB of RAM

Apple has once again raised the bar in the world of technology with the introduction of the new MacBook Pro line, which seamlessly integrates the power of the latest M3 chip family. This development marks a significant step forward, not only for Apple enthusiasts, but for the entire computing industry.

Apple Raises the Bar: New Black MacBook Pro Packs a Punch with 128GB of RAM

Unleashing the power of M3

The M3 chip family includes the standard M3, the more robust M3 Pro, and the powerhouse M3 Max, all of which promise unparalleled performance and capabilities. These chips feature a next-generation graphics processor architecture and a faster CPU, ensuring that MacBook Pro not only excels at everyday tasks, but also dominates in professional applications and games.

Now with the M3 chip, the 14-inch MacBook Pro is an ideal choice for a wide range of users, from students and entrepreneurs to aspiring creative professionals. Starting at $1,599, it strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

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If your needs are more demanding, the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro and M3 Max are designed to handle even the most complex workflows. These models are made for programmers, creative professionals, researchers, and anyone who needs exceptional computing power. The M3 Max in particular is a beast, supporting up to 128GB of unified memory and pushing the boundaries of what a laptop can do.


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Brilliant display and immersive sound

All MacBook Pro models feature a stunning Liquid Retina XDR display that is now 20 percent brighter when displaying SDR content. Combine that with a built-in 1080p camera, an immersive six-speaker sound system, and a wealth of connectivity options, and you’ve got a device that’s as fun to use as it is powerful.

Battery life is another area where MacBook Pro excels, offering up to 22 hours of battery life. So whether you’re plugged in at your desk or on the road, your MacBook Pro delivers consistent, top-notch performance.

Apple Raises the Bar: New Black MacBook Pro Packs a Punch with 128GB of RAM

M3: A technology leap forward

The M3 chip family represents a significant advancement in Apple’s silicon design, and is the first to use industry-leading 3-nanometer technology. The result is a GPU that’s not only faster and more efficient, but also introduces breakthrough technologies like Dynamic Caching, which maximizes GPU utilization for pro applications and games.

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The M3 Pro and M3 Max: More than just performance

With the M3 Pro and M3 Max, Apple has introduced Space Black colorway as a color option, giving these powerful machines a sleek and professional finish. These models also feature an anodized finish that reduces fingerprints, ensuring your MacBook Pro looks as good as it performs.

Apple Raises the Bar: New Black MacBook Pro Packs a Punch with 128GB of RAM

A breakthrough upgrade

Upgrading to the new MacBook Pro is a no-brainer, especially if you currently own an Intel-based MacBook. The M3 Max in particular is up to 11x faster than its Intel-based predecessor, providing a quiet yet incredibly powerful computing experience. Battery life has also been significantly increased, offering up to 11 additional hours of use.

macOS Sonoma: The perfect companion

Complementing the hardware is macOS Sonoma, which brings new features and capabilities to the Mac. With desktop widgets, improved video conferencing, and new Safari features, it harnesses the power of the M3 chips to deliver a seamless and powerful user experience.

Environmental commitment

In keeping with Apple’s commitment to the environment, MacBook Pro is designed to last a lifetime and is made with 100 percent recycled content.

Pricing and Availability

The new MacBook Pro is available for purchase today and will be available November 7. Pricing starts at $1,599 for the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3, rising to $1,999 for the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro and $2,499 for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro line with the M3 chip family is a monumental leap forward, delivering unparalleled performance, stunning visuals and immersive sound. A testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation, it is the clear choice for anyone looking to take their computing experience to the next level.

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