Only Watch 2023 – The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship Andersen Genève Jumping Hours

August 18, 2023
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The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship Andersen Genève Jumping Hours at Only Watch 2023

Amid the historical alleys of Geneva, where the rhythmic symphony of ticking timepieces whispers stories from eras past, a new chapter is about to be written. The 10th edition of Only Watch is just around the corner, and for those who’ve been keenly following its trajectory, you might already sense the weight of anticipation in the air. Why? Because Andersen Genève is about to unveil its newest marvel, the Andersen Genève Jumping Hours.

For the uninitiated, Only Watch is not just another event. It’s a testament to the finest artistry, craftsmanship, and humanitarianism in the world of haute horlogerie. Andersen Genève’s commitment to this event since its inception in 2005 has been both commendable and unwavering. Their offerings at these auctions are not just timepieces; they’re stories – intricate tales of passion, precision, and philanthropy.

The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship Andersen Genève Jumping Hours at Only Watch 2023

This year, the story is about celebrating milestones – the 40th anniversary of the brand and the remarkable journey of their Jumping Hours timepiece, first introduced to the world in 2020. But what makes this piece truly unique, a fitting homage to the brand’s legacy, is the artistry behind the design.

Imagine the delicate beauty of jade stone, ethereally thin at just 0.4mm, caressing the face of the watch. The challenge in crafting something so exquisite without causing it to shatter is an art in itself. This dial, at its slimmest, is a mind-bending 0.15mm thick. Paired with a platinum case and a pink gold crown, the aesthetic brilliance is undeniable.


The narrative deepens when you gaze upon the dial. Hours peek through a window at the apex, with the minutes gracefully told by a pink gold hand nestled in a sub-dial. The meticulous railway-style chapter ring, adorned in pink gold, accompanies the proudly displayed ANDERSEN Genève logo, adding to the watch’s allure.

The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship Andersen Genève Jumping Hours at Only Watch 2023

Yet, a timepiece’s soul lies in its heart – its movement. Housing a Frédéric Piguet 11.50 double barrel automatic movement, it boasts of an 18K pink gold rotor decorated with a hand guilloché pattern reminiscent of barley grains. Every detail, from its 72-hour power reserve to the Jumping Hours mechanism, speaks volumes of the master craftsmanship of the team at Andersen Genève.

A brief glance into the annals of the brand’s history, and one isn’t surprised by the grandeur of this offering. Since 1980, Andersen Genève has been a beacon of innovation and precision. It’s a place where ideas transcend the ordinary, much like Svend Andersen’s groundbreaking “Bottle Clock” invention in 1969. His journey, from crafting grand complications at Patek Philippe to establishing his eponymous brand, has been nothing short of legendary.

With their atelier nestled by the Rhône river, a site brimming with watchmaking tales from centuries past, Andersen Genève produces fewer than a few dozen timepieces annually. This scarcity, combined with their unparalleled artistry, makes each watch a coveted treasure.

As we approach the Only Watch 2023 event on Sunday, 5 November, horological enthusiasts worldwide will have their eyes set on this unique Andersen Genève Jumping Hours offering. Not merely for its unparalleled craftsmanship, but for the legacy and dedication Andersen Genève encapsulates with each tick.

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