Air Jordan 2 “H” Wings: A Salute to the Extraordinary Legacy of Howard “H” White

June 6, 2023
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Air Jordan 2 H Wings

Crafted as an ode to a towering figure in the realm of basketball culture, the newly launched Air Jordan 2 “H” Wings symbolize more than just an innovative sneaker; they represent the indelible impact of Howard “H” White on the game and on the Jordan Brand. Unveiled as a limited edition, this extraordinary footwear fuses style, homage, and inspiration, turning heads and touching hearts.

Air Jordan 2 H Wings

Howard “H” White’s journey, from picking up a basketball at Virginia’s Kecoughtan High School to becoming the Vice President of Jordan Brand Affairs and co-creator of Jordan Brand Wings, has been nothing short of incredible. His influence transcends borders, reaching and uplifting countless individuals globally. The Air Jordan 2 “H” Wings embody his illustrious career and the essence of his mission – to ignite the potential within every individual to soar to new heights.

Air Jordan 2 H Wings

This release is not merely about adding another pair of sneakers to the brand’s repertoire. It’s an intimate narrative, eloquently told through each design element of the shoe. The Air Jordan 2 “H” Wings mirror the authentic 1987 silhouette – H’s preferred Air Jordan model – maintaining the original fit and form. The color palette harks back to H’s early days on the court at Kecoughtan High School with a combination of white, green, and black.

Air Jordan 2 H Wings

The hand-drawn wings graphic on the upper quarter panel, a design by Israel Mateo, Jordan Brand Special Projects Footwear Designer, adds a touch of artistry and flair. Premium leather adorns the lower quarter panel and upper, reinforcing the shoe’s aesthetic and quality appeal. The heel counter exhibits a translucent finish with a golden foil “H” logo, an homage to H’s revered college jersey and his unwavering belief in setting a gold standard for oneself. The lace tips, inscribed with “Power” and “Belief,” mirror the potent messages H has brought to the Jordan Brand.

Air Jordan 2 H Wings

But H’s contributions go beyond being a mentor and a figurehead. His commitment to fostering the next generation, embodied in the Jordan Brand Wings initiative, has significantly shaped the brand’s community programming. Established in 2015, the initiative empowers youth to shape their own paths through higher education, offering guidance, mentorship, and opportunity. The annual release of a Wings shoe serves to acknowledge the accomplishments of students under the Jordan Brand Wings Scholars Program.

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In line with the debut of the Air Jordan 2 “H” Wings this year, the Jordan Brand Wings Scholars Class of 2027 welcomes 38 motivated and committed students from LA, NYC, Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. This represents the largest North American Wings Scholars cohort to date.

Air Jordan 2 H Wings

Set to be released on June 10 via the SNKRS App, the Air Jordan 2 “H” Wings not only offer a trendy addition to your sneaker collection but also represent a deep, inspiring story of resilience, potential, and impact.

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