adidas Rallies Onward with Manchester United for Another Long Term Round

August 3, 2023
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adidas x Manchester United New Long Term Partnership

Striding into the heart of a bustling Manchester, there’s an air of something bigger than life – the harmonious symphony of sport and fashion that has been woven into its fabric. It comes as a breath of fresh air, though unsurprising to the faithfuls news of adidas and Manchester United extending their partnership.

Back in 2015, the duo made history by rekindling their bond after a hiatus of 23 years, resounding a clarion call to fans and foes alike. A call that amplified not just on the grassy plains of Old Trafford but in every corner where the name Manchester United echoed. They embarked on a journey together, one that embraced the spirit of the game, expressed through exuberant performances and fashion statements that the world soon followed.

The extension of their pact is all set to shake up the world of sport once again. It’s not just about the colours on the jersey, but the fervor it stirs among the spectators. The revived alliance aims to go beyond the stereotypical notion of partnerships, venturing into initiatives that galvanize the legion of Manchester United fans worldwide. The target is not just the iconic Old Trafford, but also the countless lounges, fan clubs and living rooms where the Red Devils have found a home.

Interestingly, the joint venture shines a brighter spotlight on the women’s team of Manchester United. Reintroduced in 2018, the team has become a potent symbol of the advancements in women’s football. The mutual commitment between Manchester United and adidas ensures they will not just be playing the game, but changing it, driving the women’s sport forward.


Richard Arnold, the Manchester United Chief Executive Officer, spoke about the connection between his club and adidas, terming it as the beacon of style, flair and high performance. Their camaraderie, with origins traced back to the 80s, has been rejuvenated in the past decade, culminating in some of the finest sportswear designs and tech breakthroughs. Arnold enthused about the prospect of exploring new avenues in this celebrated alliance in the coming years.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Bjørn Gulden, the Chief Executive Officer at adidas, expressed immense pride in prolonging their collaboration with Manchester United. For him, adidas and Manchester United are two monumental figures that represent the essence of International Football. Gulden’s vision is clear – to blend tradition with innovation, appealing not just to the players but the countless fans that form the heartbeat of the sport.

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