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ZEGNA’s Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN Redefines Sneaker Comfort

ZEGNA's Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN rewrites the rules with glove-like leather, unmatched comfort, and Italian craftsmanship. Experience luxury redefined.

Marcolin and ZEGNA Renew Eyewear Partnership Until 2030

ZEGNA and Marcolin renew their partnership, solidifying their commitment to crafting exquisite eyewear that embodies timeless design and

ZEGNA Fall 2024, A Cashmere Oasis Blooms in Milan

Milan Fashion Week unfolded a sensory experience this season as Alessandro Sartori transported guests to a corner of

ZEGNA Unveils Triple Stitch Vetta, A Game Changer in Men’s Luxury Footwear

ZEGNA, a name synonymous with luxury and elegance in men's fashion, recently unveiled its latest creation in footwear:

ZEGNA Unveils Rugged Elegance in Fall/Winter 2023 Outdoor Collection

The ZEGNA's Fall/Winter 2023 Outdoor Collection stands as the brand's commitment to marrying refined fabrics and luxury with

ZEGNA and The Elder Statesman Illuminate Harrods with a Unique Fusion

October in London has a new fashion highlight as ZEGNA collaborates with Los Angeles lifestyle brand, The Elder

ZEGNA Styles Real Madrid Once More for the 2023-2024 Season

With a shared legacy of excellence and innovation, ZEGNA and Real Madrid join forces once more for an

ZEGNA Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Reimagines The Modern Man

Standing at the forefront of the Milan Fashion Week, Alessandro Sartori's ZEGNA Spring/Summer 2024 collection has not only

Mads Mikkelsen Nammed as The New Face of ZEGNA’s Global Campaign

Italian luxury fashion house ZEGNA has announced the appointment of Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as their latest global

ZEGNA Triple Stitch Sneaker Reinvents the Modern Man’s Wardrobe

In today's rapidly evolving fashion landscape, the ZEGNA Triple Stitch Sneaker has emerged as a symbol of sophisticated