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La Maison du Chocolat’s Galette des Rois 2024 “Reine Mandarine,” A Citrus Symphony for Epiphany 2024

Forget frankincense and myrrh - this Epiphany, La Maison du Chocolat is offering a gift fit for royalty,

La Maison du Chocolat and Maison Benjamin Kuentz Craft the Alchimie Tablet

A harmonious fusion of passions; an audacious blend of aromas; a story of craftsmanship and dedication. This is

Epiphany 2023 – La Maison du Chocolat’s King cake plays on contrasting tastes and freshness

What if you went to the sun in the middle of January? The pastry chef of La Maison

Maison Albar – L’Imperator Unveils an Exquisite Yule Log 2023 Inspired by Nîmes’ Iconic Maison Carrée

In honour of the Maison Carrée's inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Maison Albar - L'Imperator unveils

Savoring Sweet Luxury at LOUIS FOUQUET Chocolatier on Avenue Montaigne Paris

Located in the vibrant heart of the Golden Triangle, LOUIS FOUQUET Chocolatier opens his new boutique on the

Epiphany 2023, Maison Ladurée presents a gourmet and tasty hybrid galette des rois

A galette des rois (King cake) that twists between crunchy and stasty, between the Basque cake and the

“Jardin des macarons”, Pierre Hermé’s unique and gourmet creation to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nuit Blanche

The 2022 edition of the Nuit Blanche takes place this weekend in Paris, from October 01 to 02.

Ladurée revisits the Bayadère & Pompadour with summer flavors

Maison Ladurée invites us to discover summer fruits, with its two new creations: Le Bayadère & Le Pompadour

Purr-fect Epiphany: Unveiling Dalloyau’s 2024 Galette des Rois with Paul & Joe’s Whimsical Touch

Forget the ho-hum supermarket galette this Epiphany. This year, ignite your taste buds with a Franco-Tunisian flavor explosion

Epiphany 2023 – The Lutetia Paris’ galette des rois, a gustatory journey of the pecan nut

If you're a fan of frangipane, go the other way! But if you're a fan of the galette