A Golden Splash: celebrating 50 years of arena’s aquatic legacy with “Planet Water” campaign

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arena Campagne Planet Water

Once upon a time, 50 years ago, a spark ignited in the world of swimwear, giving birth to a brand that would revolutionize the aquatic landscape. The brand, arena, has since become a beacon for water lovers and athletes, uniting them through their shared passion for water sports.

The year 2023 marks a momentous occasion as arena commemorates its golden jubilee. To honor this significant milestone, the company introduces a campaign called “Planet Water,” which stems from its manifesto that embraces the powerful connection between humanity, water, and the love for aquatic sports.

Over five decades, arena has forged lasting relationships within the swimming realm, fostering the growth and development of diverse disciplines by collaborating with local and international federations. This shared passion for aquatic sports and the aspiration to enhance the quality of life through an active lifestyle near and in the water have become the cornerstone of Planet Water.

In the words of Kamila Pilwein, Global Marketing Director, “Planet Water is an evolution of the brand’s previous mantra, ‘Water Instinct,’ and honors the vital element that unites us all as human beings and lovers of aquatic sports.” The campaign aims to underscore this shared bond and advocate for a lifestyle intertwined with water.

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In collaboration with Italian agency Macsiotti, the “Planet Water” campaign philosophy reaches out to those who share a unique connection with water, the life-giving source that unites people both physically and emotionally. The arena community, driven by an unwavering passion for aquatic sports, finds solace and comfort in the water. It is their natural element, where they flourish with confidence. Be it a pool, river, lake, or ocean, arena enthusiasts are embraced and feel unconditionally at ease in their natural habitat: water.

The brand selected World Water Day to unveil its new campaign, celebrating this collective element that brings us all together. The first phase of Planet Water will continue through the end of April, showcasing the powerful bond shared by water lovers worldwide.

Produced in Barcelona in September 2022, the omnichannel “Planet Water” campaign features renowned athletes from the Arena Elite team, along with lifestyle ambassadors of the brand. Among them are world champions, Paralympic medalists, and Olympians, all united by their love for the water.

Working closely with media agency MindShare, arena has crafted a strategic communication plan centered around the “Planet Water” platform in key markets, including Italy, Germany, France, and the United States. The campaign encompasses a variety of digital assets, TV commercials, and targeted print ads, catering to “active/sporty” and “conscious consumers” who resonate with an aquatic lifestyle in all its forms.

In a final flourish, arena has incorporated the philosophy and creative identity of “Planet Water” into an exclusive lifestyle clothing range. This collection complements their technical and high-performance products, reflecting the brand’s rich heritage and DNA. With this campaign, arena not only celebrates its 50-year journey but also looks forward to a future where water continues to be the unifying force for its global community.

arena Campagne Planet Water
arena Campagne Planet Water
arena Campagne Planet Water
arena Campagne Planet Water
arena Campagne Planet Water
arena Campagne Planet Water

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