44 Label Group Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, The Techno-Inspired Uprising

June 21, 2023
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44 Label Group - Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week
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In the wake of Italy’s contentious proposal to ban rave parties, the pulse of the nation’s clubbing scene skipped a beat. The potential threat of cultural erosion lingered, leaving the youthful enthusiasts grappling with the potential ramifications of such restrictive policies. Amidst this, 4 Label Group’s Max Kobosil emerged, his infectious enthusiasm and indomitable spirit breathing new life into the streetwear scene.

The recent show from 44 Label Group held in a unique corkscrew parking garage in western Milan was a clear testament to this ethos. The event resonated with the liberating beats of techno music, resonating at a dizzying 140 beats per minute, as guests navigated the ramp, finding their own space to immerse themselves in the strobe-lit atmosphere.

The collection exhibited a compelling lean towards gorpcore, building upon the distinct dark-tinged streetwear aesthetics that Kobosil has championed since 2021 when Italian entrepreneur Claudio Antonioli began supporting his creative endeavours. Distressed bombers jackets boasting a crinkled finish found companions in sturdy work jackets and robust Bermuda shorts, complemented by translucent tulle mesh elongated tunics and robust overgarments fit for a paratrooper.

Although the collection leaned into darker tones, it wasn’t bereft of color. Unexpected bursts of acid hues punctuated the lineup, with brush-strokes of vibrant grass green on shorts and trucker jackets, mimicking stains of an intriguingly corrosive compound.


Kobosil’s connection to the club scene seeped into his designs, borrowing prints and writings from the pulsating nightlife he’s so intricately entwined with. His now-iconic font adorns basic T-shirts and hoodies, brandishing statements like “access all areas” and “call my agent” – an open invitation to the inclusive world he champions.

The collection saw an expansion in the designer’s accessories range as well. Inflatable crossbody and camera bags made a bold statement, further complemented by chunky sneakers adorned with reflective piping and striking red PVC details.

The 44 Label Group’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection under the ebullient German techno producer Max Kobosil is more than just a fashion statement. It’s a response, a riposte to a challenge posed to a culture. It’s an embodiment of the defiant spirit of the techno scene, preserving and propelling the unyielding energy of club culture onto the world stage. Fashion, it seems, has found its rhythm, and it’s dancing to the tune of techno.

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